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Datum:   04.07.2006 um 22:30:38
Name:   Andreas
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   When I discovered the music you make, on, especially Hybris, it blew me away! When I found out Hybris was very hard to find on a CD, it made me crazy, such great music and so very hard to find! Now you are making music again as Anglagard, and while I know how important it is to move forward as a musician, I really would like to see a re-release of Hybris available...people are bidding crazy money on ebay for your recordings, and it isn't for the investment value, it is all about your awesome music! Please consider strongly...that your music stirs the emotions like no other. Thanks!

Datum:   29.06.2006 um 22:48:46
Name:   Axel
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Jordrök är den bästa proglåten någonsin! Absolut älskar den, och jag vill ha hela Hybris albumet. Vet någon svensk här var jag kan hitta det i Sverige? Tack så mycket i såna fall!

Datum:   21.06.2006 um 04:32:29
Name:   patrick johnson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Anglagard is the best thing that happen to me ! I'm from Canada (Quebec)and I'm a long time fan of prog, but it took me a while to discover your music. Now I just wish I can get to buy your original first 2 albums Hybris & Epilog and maybe, get to see you guys in concert someday !

Datum:   09.06.2006 um 00:20:26
Name:   Matt MacNeil
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey I just got "Epilog", gReat album! you guys have a really distinct sound. you're awesome.

Datum:   19.05.2006 um 22:15:04
Name:   Norm
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   About a year after their NEARfest appearance, I disovered this band. Obviously it was me that was lost, but how I wish I could have been in the audience for one of those last/latest shows. I had the fortune of hearing one of the "new songs" on the '04 NF show on the Gagliarchives, and was literally blown away! What an amazing piece of music. Those works deserve to be made a part of the official "Anglagard Discography" before some bootlegger tries to make money off of them. Please, please give serious consideration to making an official release of the NF show or at least one of the companion shows from that tour. A quick visit to the board over at Progressive Ears will show that my voice is just one of many who dream of this and are willing to contribute financially in advance to help make it reality.

Datum:   18.05.2006 um 23:05:27
Name:   Raja
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   GREAT Music. Fantastic 2 albums, I just wish there will be another one.


Datum:   17.05.2006 um 19:05:43
Name:   João Luís
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, I´m Portuguese and I like Prog Music very much, My favorit band is Marillion, the old days. But I found this great band, Anglagard, and i don´t find the Cd for sale, can anyone tell where can I buy it? Thanks

Datum:   07.05.2006 um 02:35:39
Name:   Joal Paiva
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I also saw the wonderful show of Änglagård at the Nearfest 2003,after traveling all the way from Peru, just to see one of my most beloved bands ever. I will love to see an official DVD release of the Nearfest 2003 perfomance. I saw the cameras recording the whole Änglagård show.

Long Live Änglagård !

Joal Paiva ( Lima, Peru )

Datum:   06.05.2006 um 19:46:31
Name:   Vianney ( the moonlit knight)
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hi ! i'm french and i'm 16, i'm very fond of prog music, i like pink floyd, genesis,ELP, Pär lindh project... and Anglagard, i think "Hybris" is the masterpiece of progrock with "close to the edge". Very thanks to anglagard ! your music make me cry !

Datum:   05.05.2006 um 23:21:53
Name:   Tom
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I recently found Anglagard's music after getting the After the Storm CD and I am sorry it took this long. I have now bought all available releases and I would love to hear more. Please consider any live material for release on cd or download. I would contribute to the mastering costs.

Datum:   05.05.2006 um 16:56:49
Name:   Francisco
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I think that show should be officialy released (with band's permission) to help them to release new cd's. Please, do it and come back. I did like your show at Crescendo and need more :) All the best.

Datum:   04.05.2006 um 02:43:20
Name:   Tom Arena
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Add me to the list of those truely moved by the 2003 performance by Anglagard at Nearfest. It was simply the greatest musical experience of my life. I was fired from my job 2 days later, but all I could think of was that concert. Messed up priorities I guess, but it was that special. I've been waiting all this time to hear the 2 new songs played that night, but it appears no album will be recorded. A live album from that night is all we can wish for. I know I would buy it immediately, as would anyone else who was there that night. I sure hope the band members read this and understand how appreciative we would be if they release a live disc from that magical concert.

Datum:   04.05.2006 um 02:40:23
Name:   headcrash
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Please release that magical NEARfest performance on CD.

Datum:   01.05.2006 um 19:16:12
Name:   Doug Maynard
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   The two studio albums by these guys are just stunning, and among the very best music I've had the pleasure to hear. It's unfortunate that more people aren't exposed to such talent (both as songwriters and musicians).

They performed a couple of new songs at NEARfest a few years back. What a great show that was... Sadly, those songs haven't been released on CD. Here's sincerely hoping that the band will either release the performance on CD, or (better yet) regroup to complete work on a 3rd studio release.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful music! :)

Datum:   30.04.2006 um 14:18:31
Name:   Petter Sundlöf
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Änglagård is one of the rare bands that I've traveled across country to see. Your music means a great deal to me, and would love to hear more from the same source.

But if that's not the case, it would be wonderful if more people like me could experience your fantastic music live. I don't know what Änglagård's stance in tape trading is, but perhaps you would consider allowing it, and/or freeing the NEARFest 2003 performance... perhaps release the audio as a part of that tentatively planned DVD? =)

Have a nice Valborg :)

Datum:   30.04.2006 um 09:12:39
Name:   Oreb
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   So much wonderful music you produced over a brief period! Thank you for that, from the far side of the world. Please consider officially releasing tapes of your live shows. Those of us unable to travel to hear you would love to be able to enjoy more of your wonderful collective gift. If that is not something you would approve, then perhaps you would sanction trading (with no money involved) of unoffical tapes? In the spirit of freedom and sharing of great music...

Datum:   28.04.2006 um 20:24:37
Name:   Steve
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I want the band to know how much their music means to me and so many other I know. I saw their NEARFest 2003 show and I was so moved by both their performance and the audience's reaction to their appearance and performance.

I want to encourage the band in the strongest terms possible to please authorize either an official release of this show and/or permission for free trade of the show.

Without that, it both deprives so many of a record of an historic occasion, as well as giving a clear path to illegal bootleggers who wish to profit from that night of love and enthusiasm.

In any case, I thank everyone involved for bringing this music to the world.

All the best and long live Anglagard!

Datum:   26.04.2006 um 09:21:34
Name:   Ajasster
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I don't know if you know them but if you dont check out Wobbler, amazing new group with a debut Hinterland. I haven't heard symphonic prog rock that great since Anglagard.

Datum:   26.03.2006 um 20:15:03
Name:   Lady Arcana
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I'm alessandra from rome, I'm 22 years old and I listen to you since i was a little girl... you are genies! Thanks for having gived me so great emotions!

Datum:   19.03.2006 um 16:36:35
Name:   Anders
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Since it doesn´t seem that Anglagard will be doing anything in the nearest future, lovers of Anglagard and classic 70s prog should check out the new norwegian band Gargamel. Just got their debut album "Watch for the umbles" from Record Heaven, and this stuff ROCKS!!!

There are two songs that you can listen to on their homepage at:

Might not impress you at first listen, but it really is a grower. Gets better for each listen! :-)

Datum:   02.03.2006 um 20:12:50
Name:   Per
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Just wanna say that Mattias have made magic keysounds on symfonic band Brighteye Brisons new album (releaseparty 26 march in Stockholm Blue moon bar.) BE THERE!

Datum:   01.03.2006 um 23:47:24
Name:   Bård Slinde
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Your music i allright i guess

Datum:   24.02.2006 um 01:30:39
Name:   Jesper
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Som ni kanske vet är det lika svårt att få tag på er diskografi här i Sverige som utomlands. Därför tycker jag att det hade varit skönt med någon slags återutgivning eller så. Kontakta något hyfsat skivbolag, såsom Silence (där bland andra Kebnekajse, Träd gräd & Stenar är med) kanske.

Jag älskar er låt "jordrök", speciellt den kromatiska gitarrmelodin i början. ;)

Datum:   16.02.2006 um 19:03:17
Name:   Dennis Kwasnycia
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Oy, My name is Dennis, I'm 22 years old. I've been listening to Anglagard for almost 5 years now. Though 'Hybris' is the only album I own, you are definately my all time favorite band. I'm sooo hoping you start touring. If you came to Canada that would be a dream come true! I was wondering if there is anywhere I could find Anglagard music transposed for guitar, specifically for Hybris? ~Cheers~

Datum:   15.02.2006 um 02:03:41
Name:   Leandro
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   plzzzz anglagard,come to brasil,we love your sound
i love anglagard!!!!!!

Datum:   02.02.2006 um 11:09:38
Name:   DAVIDE
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   you are great, I hope in a your new job and of being able to even see to you from the alive one… in Italy. hello

Datum:   26.12.2005 um 22:49:52
Name:   Ajasster
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   All i want to say that i 've heard many things from music in my life , but not Music. Thanx , anglagard touched me deeper than anything...

Datum:   22.12.2005 um 23:05:53
Name:   Hugo
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Will the Änglagård demos ever be officially released?
I don't know much about them but I guess they must have been recorded around the same time as Anekdoten's "Jurassic Demos".

Thanks, Hugo

Datum:   22.12.2005 um 19:59:18
Name:   Paolo Weckl
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello all Im a '50 '60 jazz listener sometime interested with prog music and the earing of Anglagard very surprised for its professional like form of composition and the great playing. Compliments!!

Datum:   22.12.2005 um 15:30:48
Name:   Elgard
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Webmaster, i've edited the article on Wikipedia

Datum:   12.11.2005 um 20:06:20
Name:   zaknafein
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   well the only Anglagard song i've heard is a download of Jordrok.Exceptional!!! I've been into prog rock for 31 yrs.I've seen ELP,Genesis(8x w/Gabriel and 4 x w/Collins),Nektar,Gentle giant ,Yes,brand X,Pink Floyd(DS of the M Tour),PFM,and many otheres.From the little i've heard of this band they were and still cud be every bit as successful and certainly as creative as any other prog band currently out there.Come back you guys you'll regret not doing so when you get to my age!!! lol

Datum:   09.11.2005 um 10:40:39
Name:   Condor57
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hi, i'm Faboi from Italy. I heard about you on RadioRock.

My best compliments!

Datum:   03.11.2005 um 15:08:58
Name:   Axeltheprogman
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, were I can buy the aglagard discography? Here in Italy it's impossible. Please help me! love u!

Datum:   11.10.2005 um 22:32:25
Name:   Carles Falp
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Congratulations! Nice web for the best prog band. From Spain, Carles.

Datum:   27.09.2005 um 20:45:37
Name:   mary
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hallo1 Just wanna say that I´m a musician and I´ve been to many , MANY conserts in my life ( I´m 30 years old) and I´m not a speciall prog fan generally , BUT I saw Änglagård in Stockholm playing on MONDO and it was the best consert EVER!! I was chocked , tha band was amazing an I´m sorr that they dont seem to realize how amazing they are. They seem to be shy and unaware of how fuc--- good their music are. I want to see them live again!!!!

Datum:   15.09.2005 um 20:18:42
Name:   Felipe
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Wonderfull band

Datum:   07.09.2005 um 22:34:57
Name:   Thei
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I just want to say you guys have made the most beautiful emotional progressive music ever. I can't understand why have you broke up but oh well you have left two masterpieces ( i especially adore Hybris( nothing like it on this earth!!)) I really pray to god :) you will realize how important is your music for the whole mankind( and me of course) and release just one more album ( or two) :)...

Datum:   30.08.2005 um 04:56:09
Name:   DaleGtr
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I was listening to Buried Alive and Epilog yesterday and was once again overwhelmed with this great music. What a treasure it was to discover this band at Nearfest! Anglagard was far and away the highlight of the entire weekend for me. I spoke with Mattias after the show and Anna the next day in the hotel lobby and praised this wonderful music highly. I still don't understand how you create this music. You all have very sharp musical minds. What a shame you don't have more music released, as you are all very creative, talented musicians. Anglagard is one of my favorite bands now.

Datum:   25.08.2005 um 08:08:59
Name:   Dirk
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Exergy Music doesn't reply or send CD. I payed for 2xCDs but don't got anything. What's on with them?

Datum:   17.08.2005 um 08:22:55
Name:   Tassilo Martin
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   One of my early influences, one of the three best swedish prog bands

Datum:   21.07.2005 um 16:42:06
Name:   Paul Bourget
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Progressive rock is alive and well! Hybris has many moods and is an exceptional piece of work. Looking forward to more from Anglagard.

Datum:   10.07.2005 um 14:51:52
Name:   Emil P.W.S Holmgren
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Please could you put up the entire Largen demo in mp3 format for download? Also, like Johan, I found out about the concert in Stockholm the day after it took place... All I can do is listen to the recording from NEARfest and hope you start it back up...

Datum:   11.06.2005 um 04:03:35
Name:   Hana
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   PLZZZZZZZZZ come to brasil,we love your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Datum:   31.05.2005 um 11:34:40
Name:   Thomas Klimisch
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Just want to say THANK YOU for your wonderfull music. Yesterday I had the chance to listen to your HYBRIS CD...what a great musical experience.Hope you will play more gigs in Germany in the near future. Cheers Tom

Datum:   27.05.2005 um 22:56:42
Name:   Steve
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hello and greetings from luxembourg!

i was very surprised to find the re-release of your Hybris-album in a record shop in luxembourg, and i bought it because i've read a lot of reviews saying that this album is a masterpiece. and you know what? they're damn right! :) unfortunately i haven't managed to find the Epilog-album yet... :(

Datum:   02.05.2005 um 22:56:50
Name:   Arlequins
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Greetings from Arlequins Progressive Rock Webzine!!!

Datum:   02.05.2005 um 21:55:18
Name:   Ebbi
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello, are you still alive ?!
I've heard your album Hybris..
F A N T A S T I C !!!
In Germany existists a great Club, the 'Colossaal' in Aschaffenburg - near Frankfurt am Main ( The Flower Kings playing there very often.Or contact the German Prog-Rock Magazine 'Eclipsed'(
Send a Promo CD to Markus Wicker from the eclipsed team.
Prog Rock Scene is still growing and growing.

Best wisher from Germany

Eberhard Bauer

Datum:   29.04.2005 um 22:10:23
Name:   Ida
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej pojkar! Minns ni en hobby-skrålande guling från högstadiet?

Datum:   10.04.2005 um 14:24:22
Name:   Jocke
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Vill ha alla möjliga tips om vqart man kan få tag på er underbara musik på skiva,
Finns det någonstans i Stockholmstrakten där man möjligen kan hitta de?

Datum:   10.04.2005 um 20:47:43
Name:   emile christophe
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   i just want to say: your music is wonderfull...... pls don't stop

Datum:   23.03.2005 um 02:25:48
Name:   Alexandre Gambati
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Surrounding, dense and complex music. I just listen Jordrok track. Now i wish to apreciate all anglagard work. Come to Brazil, anglagard. There´s some prog rock festivals here. C´mon.

Datum:   12.03.2005 um 12:39:30
Name:   Pierre Paquet
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Au Québec(Canada), on apprécie la vraie musique. Félicitations, merci.

Datum:   08.03.2005 um 23:06:47
Name:   Régis
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello , Fantastic Hybris , Marvelous Epilog , and the next one ??? Thank you for all . Régis

Datum:   08.03.2005 um 11:06:46
Name:   Michael Kontogiannis
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Thanks for those good vibrations and for keeping prog rock music alive

Datum:   23.02.2005 um 18:30:35
Name:   mohannad fadhil
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   igen och igen är jag positivt överraskad över den svenska prog rock scenen. Alltså just igår fick jag tag i Änglagårds skiva HYBRIS.... Underbar,underbar,underbar.Man tycker synd att de inte är ihop i grupprn längre. Jag tycker att Änglagård är den enda gruppen som kunde ta in alla de klassiska prog påverkningarna och lyckats hitta på nåt nytt.De tog slutet för att börja på nytt! Änglagård sound is much more deeper and charged and calculated than more famous groups like Spock´s Bear for example.Jag känner mig stolt över att jag fick lyssna på Änglagårds verk.Bra gjort!

Datum:   14.02.2005 um 10:39:03
Name:   Anton
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Finns det nånstans där man kan få tag på de två nya låtarna Änglagård spelade på deras turné?

Datum:   10.02.2005 um 00:21:04
Name:   Jonathan Lewis
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I got your albums in mp3 format a few years ago your music is really fantastic.You are truly faithful to melodic prog rock. Does anyone know where I could get the albums ? I live in Canada.

Datum:   07.02.2005 um 15:14:50
Name:   Leandro
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi for all,please Anglagard go to Brasil!!!!!!!!!
I really really love Anglagard music...
i need see this show in my life

Long life for good prog music!

Datum:   03.02.2005 um 20:44:19
Name:   Emil P.W.S Holmgren
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi! Would it be possible for you to put up the entire Largen Demo in mp3 form? I have 3 of the songs but one of them is made from the .ra file on this site. Thanks!

Ps. Perhaps the guestbook should be in english? Ds.

Datum:   01.02.2005 um 22:36:26
Name:   Fabio
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi there, all Anglagard fans and the remains of what used to be the greatest prog band after the prog years... I would like to know if there is anyone out there who knows how to find Anglagard bass guitar tabs or transcriptions... if you hear or know anything, just drop me a line!! Thanks folks Fabio

Datum:   01.02.2005 um 13:48:41
Name:   julius
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi guyz! i wanna thank for your great music and great influence you had on our music! Anglagard are the best prog-band i've ever heard to! Cheers and greets from IV Luna (Italy)

Datum:   17.01.2005 um 12:47:36
Name:   Fredrik
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Tjabba!

Länge sen jag var här och kikade sist. Men det är alltid lika kul att vara här.

Kika in på The Shepherds Bush Enjoyments sida och lyssna på nya låtarna.

Datum:   16.01.2005 um 07:03:39
Name:   Anang F. Arnowo
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great !! Really Great !!
How can I get your CD's ? I'm in Indonesia.

Datum:   05.01.2005 um 00:24:31
Name:   ann
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hello! Im from Argentina, Latinoamerica...
nice page.... realy beatiful music.. i like it very much...
Its really hard find cds of your music here, but i have the luck of know you..
excuse my poor english...

Datum:   02.01.2005 um 02:50:51
Name:   Laksen
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   KOM TIL NORGE!!!

Datum:   24.12.2004 um 13:48:25
Name:   Frank Möckel
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hallo Änglagard members, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Datum:   07.12.2004 um 17:31:42
Name:   vincent
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello Im addicted to Anglagard's potent sonic dope...
i am learning to play the flute and really love the sound of the flute in the albums...please can someone tell me what brand and model of flute is being used by the lovely lady in anglagard...thanks for you time

Datum:   16.11.2004 um 22:22:10
Name:   Léon van Gulik
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I discovered Anglagard by accident in 1994, when I came across 'Hybris' while browsing through a row of CD's looking for something new to catch my fancy. I was impressed with the complexity and expression of the music. Although an early 70s prog sound is discernable, it was put to effect in a rather original fashion, with the band succeeding in creating its own sound within that idiom from the very first song on. In addition, they were a few years earlier with their retrospective act, than more well-known acts like Spock's beard and the Flower Kings. Musically, they were more sophisticated, both structurally as well as in distinctness of sound. They even are briefly mentioned in Edward Macan's musicological work om british 70s prog rock, titled 'Rocking the classics'. No small feat for a ninetees prog band! Therefore I am most happy to notice their are still people caring about their legacy: Well done webmaster! It is a shame they are no longer working together, let alone recording a new album. If there is one thing that these outstanding musicians will be remembered, appreciated, and receiving durable critical acclaim for, it is for their membership to Anglagard. In comparison their current musical projects are trivial occupations. I sincerly hope they will reach that same conclusion and that the future holds Anglagard members teaming up again, and recording new music. Denying the world this, seems like a crime against our ears!

Datum:   05.11.2004 um 02:45:10
Name:   John
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   What an amaizing band. Sounds similar to Gentle Giant. I'm 16 and this is one of the best Progressive bands I have ever heard. Play a show in Buffalo, NY. Hope to see ya

Datum:   01.11.2004 um 22:34:21
Name:   Leszek Lach
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great music, great compositions. Greetings from Poland.

Datum:   01.11.2004 um 10:51:38
Name:   IngetNyttUnderSolen
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Pronto!! Hoppas ni tar er i kragen och inser att det finns en hel drös med musikälskare som bara väntar på att få se er live!! Och varför inte skriva lite nytt? Ett nytt album hade ju inte varit fel! Kör hård för fan..

Datum:   17.10.2004 um 11:32:14
Name:   Johan
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej Änglagård! Ni måste verkligen ta o fixa några spelningar nu snart om det är möjligt. Jag står inte ut med att inte har sett er live. Ni är ta mej fan världens bästa band. Kom gärna till skåne/blekinge/småland!

Datum:   10.10.2004 um 10:55:22
Name:   Camel
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   OOOOO man.Great music,great band.Please ,visit Poland.

Datum:   02.10.2004 um 22:05:00
Name:   Johansen !
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Änglagård = the worlds best band ever! Please come to Norway!! We love you! :)

Datum:   01.10.2004 um 02:40:03
Name:   Thomas
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   The seven wonders of the world wide web made it possible to receive a recording of Änglagård at Würzburg a year ago, and comparing to my personal experience of the band live at Verviers the same year it seems to be... unimportant, as the musical ideas are the thing that rules, and in the case of Änglagård I have to tell you that your compositions are soooo beautiful, the performance so strong and full of energy, the choice of sounds so delicate. I'am once again sheer impressed! I can only hope that "New song No 1" and "No 2" will get their way to life on a record in future. As strong as they are. As beautiful. Folks, I hope you know how important your band/music is to many people!!! I can't compare it many other bands, even the use of such huge dynamic ranges is quite UNUSUAL in the field rock music at all! It's much more like (romantic?) classical music.

BTW, meanwhile I am able to play "Saknadens fullhet" on piano. It's a nice tune. Thanks to Thomas. What's the inspiration for that song? It's sooo classical-romantic. I guess, a lot of people would think it's a 19th century piano work... ;-)

Greetings, Thomas

Datum:   11.09.2004 um 15:31:59
Name:   PK
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   This is a group I would say is ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD.. YOU ROCK SHIT:)

Datum:   08.09.2004 um 03:08:02
Name:   Josh
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Please do us all a favor and come back to the states for a few shows. Thank you. We will be waiting.