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Datum:   27.08.2004 um 22:00:32
Name:   Hugo
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Haven't played you for a while now.I will don't worry (I'm having an Italian mood right now) Everytime I play it it sounds fresh and exciting (that's a song too isn't it?) I'd like to see a DVD EP from the Progfest performance PLEASE!!!!I would be happy to pay big cash for it!;-)

Datum:   24.08.2004 um 16:13:27
Name:   berry
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, my name's Berry: sorry for my poor english, i'm italian (Rome). I'm a old prog fan but, sadly, I never heard Angl till two weeks ago, tanks to one MP3 in The music impressed me a lot, "prog" quality is very very high, IMO more of the neo prog (great too)bands like IQ, Pendragon, Magellan, etc. It's very hard to find something of the band in Rome, and Amazon have a bite prize (30$) for CD. If anyone has some news of the band or a place (in Italy, please) where buy a CD at a more bargain price, please Email me. Regards.

Datum:   21.08.2004 um 17:16:57
Name:   tiziana
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hi i'm an italian girl from naples,your big fan.please come in italy!!!

Datum:   18.08.2004 um 21:36:26
Name:   bigbadboy
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   great music sadly no more

Datum:   18.08.2004 um 21:29:10
Name:   gordon howie
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   c'mon guysget it together now

Datum:   15.08.2004 um 05:59:05
Name:   jorge
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hi i just want to say that you are an incredible band like no other,your music is out of this world. i hope you can make another cd, it will be great .hope to see ya someday in venezuela.........

Datum:   09.08.2004 um 15:36:46
Name:   Ricardo Blanco
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   From Montevideo, Uruguay, South America!!! Congratulations for your music .I love Hybris, Epilog and Buried Alive. Long life to Anglagard!!!

Datum:   05.08.2004 um 19:40:50
Name:   Fred
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey Anna, just an idea...

Why don't you come back at The Spirit Of 66 to record an official Live of Anglagard ?


Anyway, the show you gave us last august was unforgettable.

Datum:   27.07.2004 um 21:16:12
Name:   André Streutker
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Well i have to agree with Anna Holmgren about the gig in spirit 666. It was amazing and well it's already almost a year ago and we are (speeking for the dutch people i know) waiting for another gig, hope is a way of living. If i remember it right there where some people taking a video. Italians i thought, but well it's long ago. If you come to play in Holland, i promise it will become a great concert and you can record that one :D.

Greetz and well if you feel like it, make some recordings. I don't mind.

Datum:   25.07.2004 um 04:37:11
Name:   Norwegian Boy
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi. I can understand it's exhausting to play music. But I think that you could do one gig in Oslo before you go to sleep again. It will not happen? Why not?

Datum:   23.07.2004 um 10:53:12
Name:   Jan
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Just bought Epilog from "cd-Univers", and it was great! Thank you Anglagard.

Datum:   19.07.2004 um 15:20:02
Name:   tony
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   compliments for your web site, very cool!!


Datum:   18.07.2004 um 23:57:15
Name:   Micha
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   just wanted to say that i really like änglagard, both albums are really great, i hope i can see them live somewhen........

Datum:   16.07.2004 um 12:04:05
Name:   Anna Holmgren
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, here comes an odd request: Does anybody have a soundrecording or videorecording from our gig in August 25th, The Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium? That gig was really special to me and I would love if anyone could send me a copy!

Our policy is to not allow recording the conserts, but I know it happens anyway, and as long it's not used for profitting it's ok by me. (But I can't speak for the others though.)

And, as we didn't record the gig ourselves, I would be so very grateful if someone could send me a copy.

Take care and enjoy the summer!

Datum:   09.07.2004 um 12:22:23
Name:   Pietro Coretto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Anglagard=Simply Superb

Datum:   29.06.2004 um 01:37:14
Name:   Lars
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Oh, no! I'm Lars, keyboardist of Wobbler. Don't get your hopes up! Änglagård is unique! We're just a small prog rock band from Hønefoss, Norway, which also happens to be influenced by early 70's prog bands like Cathedral, Shicke, Fûhrs and Fröhling, Genesis and so forth.
Another resemblence is perhaps that we also only use instruments invented before 1975. But there's only one Änglagård.. You will only be fooled to think otherwise.

Datum:   27.06.2004 um 11:37:56
Name:   HuGo
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Just one thing: Listen to "Wobbler" >>The new Änglagård?They will have a debut out soon!!

Datum:   22.06.2004 um 09:31:56
Name:   Herman Permentier
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I saw there are Cd's from anglagard on; 'G& P ESSENTIAL MUSIC' label. Does someone know if these are the Russian fake CD's or is Esential music an official USA company?????

Datum:   16.06.2004 um 17:12:31
Name:   Federico
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello Anglagard! I just want to say thank you for the grat music you gave us, and I reall DO hope you will do some more music! A band like you should continue for long long time! Thanks

Datum:   10.06.2004 um 22:13:55
Name:   Christian
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi.
Love your music!
When are you coming to Norway? (Anekdoten has been here two times since May 2003)

Are you planing any conserts in Sweden in 2004 or 2005?

Datum:   06.06.2004 um 13:05:45
Name:   Francisco Gastón
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   It would be a good thing what Luis Loureiro says, play in Portugal. I live in Spain but it seems to be pretty difficult to play prog rock here (IQ: cancelled; Yes: cancelled; Máquina: cancelled) so it'd be a good thing to play in Gouveia Art Rock Festival, for example, or wherever in Portugal. I was there in April and it was a very nice experience: good groups like Isildurs bane, Richard Sinclair's trio,..., nice people and place and food :), ...
I went Crescendo to see Änglagard and I'd like to see you in concert again.
All the best.

Datum:   04.06.2004 um 11:51:26
Name:   Philipp, Germany
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I have seen many other great concerts by really talentend bands.
But it is no exaggeration to say that your gig in Würzburg last year was the most emotional musical moment for me ... ever!
I loved your studio works, and knowing that the band had broken apart made me really sad. But then you came ... and it was like being a big Elvis-Fan and hearing that he was reborn for one last concert.
It was pure magic.
Thank you for giving me the chance to hear you live ... something I didn't dare to even hope about.
Perhaps, I will never see you again, you have to go your own way ... we can't force you to reunite ;-)
But I'm really happy that I saw you at least once ... I will never forget this experience.

Datum:   03.06.2004 um 23:43:55
Name:   Federico
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey Anglagard! I'm a long time fan and all I can say is thank you for the great flow of emotions your music makes me experience everytime I listen to it! I really cannot wait for a new album from you guys, music needs you!! And we need YOUR music.....Cheers from Italy! Ciao!

Datum:   31.05.2004 um 10:06:41
Name:   Luis Loureiro, Portugal
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Take this as an invitation... to a sunny country (ahah) where you have a lot of people who would be very happy if, one day, you'd come and play for us.

Datum:   30.05.2004 um 05:38:49
Name:   Arteum Bochevarov
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hats off to Änglagård, gentlemen!

I had hardly thought I would have the pleasure of listening to progressive music half as accomplished as that of 'Pink Floyd' or 'Genesis' of the seventies, but now, after discovering 'Änglagård', I must say I proved myself wrong. 'Änglagård' would have been widely known and placed among the few greatest bands in the world if only the group started twenty years earlier, in the era when intellectual music was still much admired, and if only it lasted longer!

Whatever happens next to 'Änglagård', I want to express my deepest gratitude for 'Hybris' and 'Epilog', and humbly hope that the group will overcome all obstacles and will continue to create magic with their music.

To give you the idea of how impressed I am with Änglagård music, I may add that I am studying the Swedish language because the group members speak it!

Datum:   28.05.2004 um 04:26:49
Name:   John Von Bayer
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I know you guys are over.
I know leaving the past in the past.
I know breaking up a band is like a divorce.
Still carrying scars after a while.
I do know good spirit.
I do know moving music.
I do know your band now.
I do owe you a warm thank you.
I do know that your legend is well carved into progressive rock forever.
-John Von Bayer

(Say 'wassup' to Ingwie Malmsteen when you see him...hee hee.)

Datum:   26.05.2004 um 23:43:41
Name:   Rodrigo Alfaro Cordoba
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I Don`t speak english, but i wait can you understand me in spanish, your group is awesome, i like so much see you alive some day.
you have a melody amazing.
I am from Costa Rica Central America.
Spanish me encantaria ir a verlos un dia de estos son la mejor banda de Nû progressive" Come to Costa Rica Some Day please

Datum:   04.05.2004 um 14:09:21
Name:   Mattias Olsson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi,

Thanks for stopping by. No Material was ever planned for release. We never did any full on ( as in the entire band )recordings except rehearsal tapes. All demos for the new material was done at Jonass place with his recording set up. Me and Jonas tried a couple of things at Roth Händle that sounded really really interesting but I have hard time seeing them being released or available.

I wouldn´t mind making them available but...

hey hey,

Best regards,


Datum:   03.05.2004 um 21:31:45
Name:   tomblack
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   from: :Mattias is the Engineer and Producer at Roth Händle. So far over 25 acts have recorded there and more than 150 songs. Swedish bands like Pineforest Crunch, Grand Tone Music, Änglagård,

Datum:   03.05.2004 um 19:20:47
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I was watching a fantastic live video of the band at The Royal Jelly Club (Houston Texas 1993) last night over wine with friends. What an amazing show! So I requested some Hybris on Delicious Agony prog-radio this morning. Glad to see the website today and hear that the band is doing well. Looking forward to future projects!!!! Onward & Upwards.......

Datum:   01.05.2004 um 02:38:41
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey hey..

It is not finished but it is a start...

My studios Homepage...

best regards,


Datum:   18.04.2004 um 21:48:23
Name:   Marion
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Nice to see that also band members write comments in this guestbook. For me, it would be interesting to know what Anna Holmgren has written there, but unfortunately I can't understand it. Could anyone translate it, please? Thanks.

Datum:   18.04.2004 um 17:28:57
Name:   Anna Holmgren
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Eftersom musiken innehåller mycket Mellotron så faller det sig naturligt att ha med detta fantastiska instrument på bild. Om nu bara musiken är det viktiga så behövs inga bilder på någonting överhuvudtaget.

Jag är i alla fall fascinerad av detta magiska instrument och tycker det är estetiskt tilltalande.


Anna Holmgren

Datum:   16.04.2004 um 15:37:04
Name:   No Tapes
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Varför alla dessa töntiga bilder på en Mellotron? Är instrumentet viktigare är musiken?

Datum:   01.04.2004 um 12:49:41
Name:   Umberto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Happy April fool's day!!!

Paul Thomas Anderson directing an Anglagard movie??!!

Datum:   31.03.2004 um 21:27:15
Name:   Jos of Fluxury
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I think you guys are marvelous, I would like to see you guys play live. Jos of

Datum:   30.03.2004 um 19:27:11
Name:   scott h.
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Ok, so Anglagard doesn't like live tapes being passed around, but as time passes, I get the impression no new album is coming. If that is in fact the case, how about a live album of the NearFest 2003 show, or at least an EP of the two new compositions the band played there? It would be a shame if those compositions never got a proper release. Please think about it!

Datum:   30.03.2004 um 17:26:30
Name:   Cristian Cespedes
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Once I received an English magazine Ptolemaic Terrascope that brought single 7" of a Swedish band Anglagard and in that vaguely you note "ganglant fran knapptibble". From there I became in a great fan, follower and collector of this band, to the point to obtain all its vinyls, cds and video performances. Thanks to make a so remarkable music.
A strong hug from the distant city of Santiago in Chile

Datum:   22.03.2004 um 11:05:49
Name:   yjmetal
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I've got the video, both versions of Hybris on vinyl, both cd editions of Hybris, vinyl of name it; I heard the band back in 92, still one of mny top ten albums, hybris; Thank you soo much for releasing this peice of gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Datum:   21.03.2004 um 23:03:59
Name:   Robin Forsberg
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I just want to say - although it hardly can be expressed in words - how much I admire the music of Änglagård. It boggles my mind in what way music can be put together. It is totally original, and after many years I still am stunned each time I listen to Hybris and Epilog. Thank you for the magic, Änglagård, and thank you for making a long lost dream come true when I saw you play live at Mondo last year.
Talking about long-lost, thank you for the t-shirts! Eight years is not too long a time to wait for such a good thing ;)

Datum:   11.03.2004 um 12:33:06
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Here is an example of the bootlegging.

Datum:   04.03.2004 um 08:55:10
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi !

I just wanted to warn everyone that there are russian bootlegs of Änglagårds albums out on ebay. If you had problems with understanding Tords vocals in swedish you should hear this....(just kidding )

One detail to check for is the fact that the Änglagård logo on the front of Epilog is black.

Just to let you know.

Best regards,


Datum:   18.02.2004 um 22:01:21
Name:   Plattlangarn
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Fell free to visit Änglagård and all the other bands at Maby you can help fill in the blanks about änglagård (bios, records, ets.) Thanks.

Datum:   04.02.2004 um 03:05:57
Name:   Andrézão =51=
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I'm from Brasil and I love Anglagard sound, i hope they come soon to South America for some concerts, no doubt that all the tickets gonna sell very fast!! i'm only 17 and love progressive rock, and Anglagard keep the progressive music alive!!!!!!

Datum:   03.02.2004 um 00:03:33
Name:   Tobias Martinsson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi everyone! I think it is time that we(the fans) demand a new release from Änglagård! Don't you agree with me?! Maybe they need a little kick to get going. Any suggestions`?

Datum:   29.01.2004 um 02:33:14
Name:   Obscurios
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great Music friends!!

Do you know ?
Music is posted there for free if the bands agree that LIVE tapings may be traded. I would love to be able to trade (actually just FIND) live recordings of Anglagard. What is your policy on taping your concerts? Do you allow it?


Obscurios -- Upstate, New York ***

[WEBMASTER COMMENT: I spoke to the band about that issue last summer. They don't like live recordings being distributed for various reasons. // Jutze]

Datum:   25.01.2004 um 23:50:24
Name:   Tinny
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I like it. Somenight i turn off a light and listen to it. the sound make me think of wood and naked elf. Not like def leppard at all.

thank you !

Datum:   10.01.2004 um 10:45:25
Name:   Federico Zanette
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   One of my favourite prog bands in the 90s!
There are no words to explain their music, so I hope they will soon re-join to let us hear again their music!

Datum:   06.01.2004 um 22:20:10
Name:   Ylva Nordblad
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   It has only been a few months since I first heard Änglagård but I like the record Hybris and will soon buy Epilog. And I hope to see Änglagård in Stockholm soon.

Datum:   05.01.2004 um 05:40:20
Name:   Rodrigo Alfaro
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   son impresionantes, soy de Costa Rica solo voy a decir que del progresivo son uno de los mejores esa potencia y ese sentimiento es indescriptible

Datum:   04.01.2004 um 01:13:48
Name:   Krzysztof
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   You are Great!!! And yours Music is a Music with big M.
Thank You for 2000-2003 remasters


Datum:   29.12.2003 um 21:06:30
Name:   Hugo
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Are there any plans for a new album??
Or the complete Progfest recordings??
And .. check out Wobbler!!!!

Datum:   27.12.2003 um 16:44:23
Name:   il Arkhalyn en Shane
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Bon... j'parle pas anglais... Anglagard, sur scene... Quand un album live aussi bien qu'au crescendo ? Tyrsen filis ere ala milien étame...

Datum:   09.12.2003 um 17:18:02
Name:   Alberto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I know it's stupid just to sign a guestbook and confess you're one of my fav prog bands, but it's true! I've been following your steps ever since you were here in Mexico, I just enyojed a lot because in the after party you were all so friendly and of course, I got Anna to sign my cd! When's it gonna be the next time you come to Mexico? I wonder... And for all of those people who'd like to keep in touch and talk about anything (specially prog rock!) e-mail me. Thanx Ängladard for you music and passion... (I also strongly recommend for all of you guys out there to listen to Anekdoten, Ragnarok, Flower Kings, Landberk and to anything that comes packaged from Sweden! you just know how to rock it up)

Datum:   09.12.2003 um 07:37:30
Name:   Cris Lopes
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, I recently discover Anglagard, but it were a revelation and an inspiration for me. I love it. Thank you. Love Cris

Datum:   06.12.2003 um 16:36:51
Name:   wilhelm
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   The exergy-music record shop is now online again after a serious machine/diskcrash. So go ahead and order yourselves an early christmas present...

BOFH / wilhelm

Datum:   05.12.2003 um 08:14:55
Name:   Francisco Gastón
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi!
This was the setlist in Crescendo 2003 (if my memory...)
1 - Intro / Höstsejd
2 - New song nº1
3 - Ganglat fran Knapptibble
4 - New song nº2
5 - Jordrök
6 - Sista somrar
7 - Kung bore (instrumental only)
(Guest musician - Pouring rain in theme nº1)
All the best.

Datum:   03.12.2003 um 10:44:01
Name:   Daniel Jones
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I just noticed that on the nearfest site it says that the streams from nearfest will not be broadcast, This is crushing news for a student like me who could not afford to fly to the gigs of Anglagard but would give an arm and a leg to hear the new material. Now I will just remember to pray for a new studio album regulary.

Datum:   01.12.2003 um 19:20:04
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   For t-shirts check with...

They might have some...

Best regards,


Datum:   27.11.2003 um 11:37:57
Name:   Anton
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I just wonder if there is any t-shirts that i can buy.

Datum:   25.11.2003 um 12:43:45
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey hey.

Just wanted to recommend an album I stumbled across...It´s not prog but pretty close. Reminiscent of Björk and Stina Nordenstam.

Under Byen - Det ar mig som haller traena samman. ( I think ).

Great sparse production...Weird danish lyrics and all in all an amazing album...I think you can order it from their website.

The setting is :
Female vocals

Check out their first album as well....!

All the best,


Datum:   17.11.2003 um 20:45:02
Name:   Robin Forsberg
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I'm probably not the only one to notice this, but doesn't the Änglagård logo above look more like it says "Ärglagård"? The same logo is on my t-shirt, but there the real name is displayed. By the way, for those of you here who also like Anekdoten (and I bet there are quite a few), I have put up some photos from their show in Gävle last saturday on - for those of you who are interested. Auf wiedersehen!

Datum:   12.11.2003 um 21:07:37
Name:   Cloud zero
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Saw the movie, Shakespeare in love, yesterday, not a movie I would recomend, didn't even see the whole. But that's not the point, I heard a very short melody in it, and I could swear that it was taken from Änglagård, though I can't remember which song.

Datum:   11.11.2003 um 23:21:24
Name:   Pjotr
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I'll have to apologize if I was a bit too harsh about the Stylophone... it's just that in my ears it sounds out of place. I don't know if it's true, but its frequency range and tone seems wholly disparate from the other instruments (who are all in some part acoustic or at least try to emulate something acoustic). It sticks out to me.

But... I shan't tread on your artistic integrity anymore. Sorry again if I'm offending all the Stylophonics :P

Datum:   09.11.2003 um 18:01:44
Name:   lisa
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Anglagard!!!

I don't know if you'll remind me...We met at the Crescendo Festival at Saint-Palais near Royan, I'm the Asian woman from Paris... Matthias, you may have given me a wrong e-mail because I always got an undelivered message when I try to join you!!! So if you read these words, please answer me, thanks!!! I just wanna tell you all that I really enjoyed your gig an that I was really touched by your gift. Miss you all, hope that one day youi'll come to perform in Paris! Friendly, Lsa

Datum:   06.11.2003 um 23:55:58
Name:   Mufte
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I love the stylophone. I`ve got one that I´ve borrowed from a friend who got when she was a kid. A friend of mine played a concert at a pub together with another dude, and they played kind of acustic cover songs, stuff like David Bowie, Pixies, Neil Young and Elvis Castello. And they each had a solo piece. On my friends solo piece he played a funky version of Hero by Mariah Carrey, and I played stylophone on it and hadd a solo. It was really cool. People thought it was the highlight of the concert...hehe

Datum:   06.11.2003 um 09:33:24
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey...!

For the time being there are really no plans for the band. Thomas is knee deep in his studies so we´ll have to see.
There are discussions.

Concerning the Stylophone....
It is one of my favorite instruments....I think it´s great. I haven´t heard the Nearfest tapes so there might be weirdness going on...But over all I think it´s one of rock´n´rolls hidden instrument gems...

If you are not careful...we´ll record Stylophone versions of the songs...Maybe with some Optigan and Omnichord dropped in for flavour.....Just an idea ?

All the best....

// Mattias

Datum:   03.11.2003 um 21:48:05
Name:   Tee Dious
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I'm magically (someone mind-melded with me and shared the sonic experience) listening to the NEARfest (2003) show. I'm unfortunately reminded of the only negative aspect I recall from the Stockholm show that I attended: the stylophone.

Please burn that horrendous thing :)

Datum:   02.11.2003 um 16:11:21
Name:   oleo
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello Anglagard! Are there going to be any concerts in Germany or anywhere close to its southern part in November-December?

Would just love to visit one ;-).

Thanks for your wonderful music!

Datum:   24.10.2003 um 18:20:08
Name:   Asbjørn
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I agree.. Come to Norway. But, Mattias Olson, what was your age when you recorded Epilog? Bra spilt!

Datum:   14.10.2003 um 12:31:54
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Terry,

Thank you getting the originals...Concerning the liner notes...We know that the english isn´t perfect but we felt that we didn´t want to go and change the original prints too much and we also felt that the errors had plenty of charm-factor as well...

Thank you for listening,


Datum:   13.10.2003 um 11:59:12
Name:   Marius
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Vil bare støtte opp rundt resten av nordmennene her inne, og si det er på tide dere tar turen til Norge. Änglagård har en utrolig stor fan-base her, så det er ikke tvil om at dere kunne fylt et passe stort lokale. Kan ikke ha reunion og droppe "dom goda graderna"???

Datum:   12.10.2003 um 17:57:05
Name:   Terry Christian-Jennings
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I am from the United States and I just received, direct from Sweden, the new Exergy reissues of both Anglagard studio albums. The English in the 'Hybris' liner notes is not correct English, but it is readable and the music is fantastic! I urge the band, Exergy, or anyone else to make Anglagard t-shirts available to buy; I'm sure most fans like myself would love to buy one! For so long I've had to make do with 'Buried Alive' and bootleg mp3s of the two studio albums, and it's so wonderful now to hear them in their full glory. Long live Anglagard!

Datum:   11.10.2003 um 16:16:29
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey....! Cool site...Very Mellotron. Just curious about the Chamberlin...real or samples ? Good luck with everything...We´ll keep our eyes and ears open.... // Mattias

Datum:   08.10.2003 um 12:30:31
Name:   Martin
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great site Jutze! My name is Martin and I come from Oslo Norway. I think I spoke with you at the freakshow artrock festival in Würzburg.... That evening Änglagård really smoked.....

I would like to promote my band Wobbler's new website.. I think our music would apeal to fans of Änglagård. We have somewhat the simlar nordic sound, but our music is also in the vein of some of italian bands like Museo Rosenbach and pfm. It is possible to download two demosogns about 15 minutes each. So check it out....

The url is:

Datum:   06.10.2003 um 16:50:08
Name:   Erik
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   utrolig bra musikk.... venter på dere i norge!!!!!!!! stor fan..

Datum:   29.09.2003 um 11:11:58
Name:   Morten
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Ja dere MÅ komme til Norge! Visst jeg ikke får sett dere spille og dere gir dere nå så blir jeg veldig sint/skuffet/lei meg! Og vær så snill å lag et nytt album :-)

Datum:   29.09.2003 um 01:00:20
Name:   Vidar
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   dere MÅ komme og spille i NORGE!

Datum:   28.09.2003 um 04:16:21
Name:   Johan
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Jag ber er... snälla, spela i sthlm igen! Jag har väntat sen jag hörde er (nån gång runt 97) på att få se er live och gav till sist upp hoppet, sen ser jag en affisch där det står att ni lirade en dag innan jag såg den... MEN FÖR FAN! Så jag ber er, bara en gång till... minst!?!

Datum:   19.09.2003 um 12:24:35
Name:   Alienhand
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej jag har velat se är live i typ 7 år nu ni måste komma till Gbg snart. Förresten väldigt trevligt att ni har börjat spela igen men kom till Gbg nu för fan.