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Datum:   29.08.2003 um 22:49:55
Name:   Serge Llorente
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello Anglagard (and all the fans !) and thank you again so much for the wonderful gig in Royan, which was just magic ! The images i took during the show are right now available from my web site at the address All the best

Datum:   29.08.2003 um 16:24:40
Name:   Oscar
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello! I went to Royan to the Crescendo festival mainly for Anglagard. When they disbanded in the 90s I thought I would never saw them live. But I did! There was on mellotron on stage (for Anna). Thomas had the mellotron and Rhodes samples in a laptop connected to 2 keyboards. It didn't work. Thomas was restarting many times. The audience was waiting. Twice the show was delayed... Finally it didn't work at all and Thomas decided to play only the Hammond, the MiniMoog and the Piano and the show was going to start... But it began to rain... Anglagard performed some material from Epilog... and it was great! But the amount of rain was increasing and the mellotron, Hammond, minimoog, percussions, guitars... and musiciens were pooring. It was becoming really dangerous and dramatical (try to imagine it with the Epilog music). Nobody knew what was gonna happen: Show suspended, mellotron distroyed, musicien electrified... people from the organization tryed to cover the musiciens and instrument with big umbrellas and plastic bags... But it the rain stopped and the show went on and it was superb despite of all technical and weather problems. The new songs move in a different direction (more human music, warmer, jazzier, ?) but always very Anglarish: This is definetively the best band borned since the 70s!. I am very happy to see them live. I hope the would made new albums and concerts in the future.

Datum:   29.08.2003 um 15:36:40
Name:   BDTF
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   The show in Verviers was brilliant. I really hope that some record company signs Anglagard. The new songs were great and deserve to be released. I wish these guys absolutely the best!!! Thanx for a wonderful show.

Datum:   28.08.2003 um 21:32:29
Name:   Tom Wahl
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Ok., på tide mitt favorittband kommer til Norge, ikke sant? FX Trondheim! Gleder meg sinnsjukt til ny platta också...den måste komma snart:) Sjekk mitt band Anti-Depressive Delivery på

Datum:   27.08.2003 um 23:16:31
Name:   Thomas Waltner
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I, too have been at the good old "Spirit of 66" & I must say, I have been there many times, but this was the most amazing concert ever. The crowd was unbeliveble, even the applaus before the first song was so long...! The music was fantastic, the instruments a joy to watch (only a Hammond would be great). The Theremin was not so interesting to be honest. The Stylophon real fun! (this little pen-played keyboard you hold in your hands). Matthias is such a fantastic drummer! He even played Glockenspiel with one hand, drums with the other & doubled some guitars on a original & rare Coral Sitar Guitar (I guess it must be one). One mellotron was in bad conditions. Unimpossible to tune. Thomas told me that they got one from people from Belgium and one from England (!) & I could watch them carry it into the car after the gig. Very nice way to help the band. If they would play once around Cologne thy could get my Mellotron. Anna has a fine flute sound & the Soprano sax is also very interesting. The Taurus has shaken the wall! (a little bit – it was not to load...) The whole band seems to be so nice, very normal. I think they could have done everything and the people would have loved it! They must come back!

Datum:   27.08.2003 um 13:47:21
Name:   Herman Permentier
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   What can i say??. I saw Anglagard yesterday: what a band, what musicians; they had to return on stage for no less than 3 times & still we kept screaming. All their songs they could play where fineshed, they had to play the songs for the second time. In the middle part of the gig some technical problems appeared with Anna's mellotron but that doesn't spoil a gig for us the public; we just had a laugh and talked a bit. I know this can spoil a concert for musicians but don't think to much about it; we could relax a bit. As I suggested some months ago on this list to play in the legendary Spirit of 66 & it worked: a few weeks later a gig was announced!. I now suggest to Anglagard; see you next year. Such moments as 25 August in Belgium :that's why you are doing it for. New album? just do it, & play in the Spirit & other places.

Datum:   27.08.2003 um 07:34:36
Name:   Paul ;o)
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   After Verviers's gig, I got just one little thing to say... Don't even think to disappear again! Änglagård has one of best creative potential I ever heard. Well... See you next year, same place ;o))))

Datum:   27.08.2003 um 00:15:00
Name:   hashirae
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   The concert in Verviers at the now well known Spirit of 66 was a big one. Vintage keyboards galore!!. Standing ovation after almost each number. Attendees were specialy receptive ( singing when the band played Jordrok, incredible!).Even slight technical problems with one of the 3 (three!) mellotrons didn't diminish the enthousiasm of the round 150 fans. The band gave three encores playing Jordrok twice ! Hope to see them soon.

Datum:   26.08.2003 um 20:39:22
Name:   Allard
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Just want to say that last night's gig of Anglagard in Verviers (Belgium) was awesome!! I drove all the way from The Hague (4 hours) to finally see them live...and I wasn't dssapointed. It was a memorable performance and I hope they continue recording new songs...the two they played sounded very promising. Greetz!

Datum:   26.08.2003 um 19:14:17
Name:   Francisco Gastón
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi! At home at last. Some friends of mine and me have went from Madrid to Saint Palais (850 kms) specially to see Änglagard. It's been the most special concert in my life. They were going to play on Saturday night. You know these days in France the weather have been too sunny but that morning was a little cloudy... The second day of the Festival began at 19:00 more or less: Lord of Mushrooms, Pineaple thief ... and finally it was time for Änglagard to play but there were some technical problems...more time for the so expected moment. When it all was solved the concert began. God! I looked back and there were lots of people...but again the bad luck on stage. It was beginning to rain till a point that was pouring. The stage was uncovered so almost every people of the organization began to cover the wires and material with plastics, umbrellas (a night on the beach) or whatever. We , the public, were going to hold on under the rain in any case but the danger was obvious for the musicians. I was going down in the dumps , as you can imagine, but thanks God it rained only when they were playing the first theme. The concert was amazing (I'm a little bored of hearing more of the same) , refreshing (not only for the rain), two new themes, variations on the oldest, power and sensibility. I want to thank the band for that. I hope see you soon.

Datum:   26.08.2003 um 09:13:31
Name:   Dario
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I was in Verviers - Belgium Yesterday Night What a show ! and what a performance ! Thank you Anglagard to make us feel happy !!! See you soon at the Temple of Prog - Spirit of 66 Dario

Datum:   26.08.2003 um 00:16:20
Name:   Peter
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Thank you for the superb concert in Belgium (Spirit of 66)! Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Datum:   24.08.2003 um 15:42:42
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, this is Parallaxe, a progressive band from France. We would like to congratulate you for your yesterday show in France at Crescendo Festival ! We really enjoyed your music and admirated your persistence and courage when it was raining and you don't stop to play ! Congratulations ! We really would like to get in touch with you (Anglagard). Being also an instrumental progressive band, it will be very interresting to play and tour together. We sound different to you but we think we're both sharing a same approach about progressive music. Please take the time to visit our website ( and to contact us. Best regards, PARALLAXE

Datum:   16.08.2003 um 15:29:15
Name:   yjmetal again
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Also the progfest video kills...just wanted to mention it!!!

Datum:   16.08.2003 um 15:27:53
Name:   yjmetal
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   As I have been a fanatic fan since Colours released the Hybris (Got both vinyl editions...) I have longed for a reuniting of this killer band; thanx. In Norway and especially in my town, Kristiansand, Anglagård was a big deal back in 92 and 'til this day; I love your music...thanx for all the hours of musical pleasure...

Datum:   11.08.2003 um 22:06:29
Name:   BDTF
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I was really amazed to hear that Anglagard had reunited. I was already a big fan about 10 years ago and I'm glad I can see them live in Belgium. I hope that you guys intend to release more of your interesting and wonderful music on cd.

Datum:   30.07.2003 um 21:03:03
Name:   Hugo
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Look what I found: It features Photos of great bands including Anglagard.

Datum:   24.07.2003 um 00:36:44
Name:   Sergio Lombardi
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   (a guestbook featuring posting buttons in German seems like a joke for an Italian user) ANYWAY, also some Italian Anglafans will attend the Spirit of 66. Personally, I was waiting for this moment for some 11 years (I am among 8,93% of fans dated 1992). A great pleasure to see you again together, an enormous pleasure to read the reviews exalting your performances. I have tried to spread the voice of your Belgian gig in the main prog NG in Italy, but it is ruled by Mauro Moroni, who the Band will surely know, and he is opposing the thread not exactly supporting Anglagard (never mind). ITALY LOVES YOU AND MISSES YOUR MUSIC! YOUR CONCERT WILL BE THE CONSEQUENCE OF MY PROG SUMMER: Jethro Tull + King Crimson + Metamorfosi + Yes + Carl Palmer Band + Balletto di Bronzo + Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and finally THE ALMIGHTY ANGLAGARD! SEE YOU AT SPIRIT OF 66!!

Datum:   23.07.2003 um 06:11:22
Name:   Surjorimba Suroto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Finally Epilog CD available again! I couldn't get the initial pressing as I discovered you too late back then. Will there be any bonus tracks? Hail from Indonesia!

Datum:   19.07.2003 um 02:23:36
Name:   Thomas
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   oh... or is it a soprano sax, but in this untypical winded shape like the other saxophones? I'am not sure...

Datum:   19.07.2003 um 02:02:25
Name:   Thomas
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I've just watched the pictures from NEARfest 2003. It' s amazing that a band is so unbeliveble crazy to carry around such a huge gear: TWO mellotrons, a real organ, a tam-tam, vibraphon (or marimba?), tubular bells (!), a theremin, flute, alto sax... it has to be a great gig at the Spirit of 66 & i'll promise to bring some more folks with me to the concert. Really good news! The first time to see Änglagaard live! See you in Belgium at the 25th August!!!

Datum:   16.07.2003 um 23:38:23
Name:   Bas Janssen
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Oh, how I envy everybody who was at NEARfest! Still, I just received the Epilog re-release in the mail; that should be a comfort :-) I hope I can make it to the Spirit of 66 in August. See you guys there!

Datum:   14.07.2003 um 23:42:21
Name:   Craig Olsen
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey, thank you so much for your incredible performance at Nearfest!! Absolutely stunning!! I want to share something that happened to me during your set. I'm not one who is prone to crying, but as I sat entranced by your Nearfest performance, I started to well up in the eyes. Then you played Jordrok. After the composition was finished, I broke down, tears streaming from my eyes. I had to hold onto the seat in front of me so I would not fall. I've never cried at any musical, theatrical or film performance.... EVER! Your music obviously hit a chord with me! Maybe it's in my Scandinavian blood!! Ok, enough of the accolades! Here are a few personal notes to the band members!: To Mattias: Ok, I'm ready to change my last name....of course you have to change yours which means you'll now be Norwegian and Danish....sorry! To Johan: I think Chris Squire of Yes is getting nervous about the new king of bass!! To Jonas: I love the dry sense of humor!! To Thomas/Tomas: I really think you need a few more Mellotrons on stage!!! To Anna: I was the shaved headed guy who you hugged after I told you the above story. Your comment to me was "Thank you.That was the nicest thing a fan has ever said to me." Thank You Anna! My comment came from the heart! It was nice to meet you. You are a genuine woman who has a lot of class!! I wish we had more women like you in the states!!

Datum:   06.07.2003 um 06:41:19
Name:   Tony Piccoli
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   i saw you guys at NEARfest... and i already had Hybris, so i knew what i was getting. but even then i was blown away by an unexpected experience. you guys had the best sound of everyband.. including my favorite band of all time... THE FLOWER KINGS. THE BEST MUSIC COMES FROM SWEDEN!!! i cannot wait for the new Anglagard album :) oh and i have a title for your new song #1.. "Angel's Garden" ;) take care, rock on Tony

Datum:   04.07.2003 um 19:51:08
Name:   dave brown
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   nearfest was every thing i thought it would be.the most amazing thing was the power and somber beauty of your elequent set.the new songs no.1 and no.2 were brillant.thank you for an unfogetful new moon evening.

Datum:   03.07.2003 um 14:45:31
Name:   Adam Dauksza
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I'd like to correct my #2 Song title submission at the NEARfest to AURORA BOREALIS GENIE.The song starts in my imagination as one is watching the begining of Northern Lights/Sounds and then cascades to many.When it is finished the genie is back to the bottle and the magic is over.Same goes for your show.I can only wish to see/hear more of You.Thanks for the one in Trenton.

Datum:   03.07.2003 um 03:16:06
Name:   Bob Finger
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   GREAT show! I was not familiar with your matierial at all before Nearfest. My expectations were greatly exceeded. My teenage son's comment was "Wow, they didn't suck. They were great!". High praise from one at whose age low expectations for others is the norm. ;-) Also bought Hybris and love it! Thank you for the excellent performance.

Datum:   02.07.2003 um 19:20:21
Name:   Andrew
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I must say your NEARFest performance was nothing short of amazing. To see you guys (and girl ;) ) perform live was a surreal experience. Unfortunatly, I got a bloody nose during "New Song Two" so I missed about half of the song :( Other than that, you guys were amazing! Thank you for putting on such an exciting performance. I went to NEARFest on more of a wing, not knowing what to expect. I can easily say Anglagard was the best. I am mostly a fan of Prog. Metal but now my doors have been opened up to more. At the show, I invested in both Hybris and Epilog and I have not been able to get them out of my CD player! Brilliant work! Anyway, once again, thank you for putting on such an amazing performance!

Datum:   02.07.2003 um 16:26:00
Name:   Scott Hamrick
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Anna, Thomas, Mattias, Johan & Jonas: I am still recovering from the experience of NEARFest. The whole experience was a lot of fun. Of course I enjoyed seeing old favorites like Camel and especially Magma, as well as the new surprise of Alamaailman Vasarat, but it was Anglagard I drove 900 miles (one way) to see and it was Anglagard who delivered one of the most memorable performances I have ever seen. Thank you for a dream come true! Thank you also for graciously taking time to sign autographs, especially Anna and Mattias, who seemed overwhelmed by the adulation, but signed for us in the hallway behind the stage. My friend and I didn't know about the "official" autograph session in the band room until Thomas directed us there later. Thanks again. I hope you had as much fun as we all did. P.S. - Again, "Free Coffee" (or however you'd say it in Swedish) is my vote for the new song title.

Datum:   02.07.2003 um 01:37:26
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   THE BAND was in great form, and it was great to see you play, and then talk with you afterwards. A running joke in the LOGE section was that one of the 3 MELLOTRONS was actually a beer chest! ONCE AGAIN, FANTASTIC SHOW, CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR ALL THE... NEW SONGS! CHARLIE

Datum:   02.07.2003 um 00:24:43
Name:   Phil (the guy with the owl)
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Nearly forgot, you were looking for titles for your untitled pieces, how about (sorry, I don't know Swedish): 1) Winter is Longer When Thought About 2) Under The Owl's Watchful Eyes 3) Starlight and Birdsong 4) Moss Once Grew Here 5) Ages of Wood 6) Pieces of a Life 7) Crimson and Mist

Datum:   01.07.2003 um 21:36:46
Name:   Phil (the guy with the owl)
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello Everyone! Just to say thank you for a stunning NEAR Fest performance and special hoots to Anna, Johan and Jonas for signing my plastic Great Horned Owl (after Anna was convulsing with laughter :D ) Long Live Anglagard!!!

Datum:   01.07.2003 um 21:26:53
Name:   Jack
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Thanks for playing NEARfest guys. I was totally blown away and my wife was reduced to a weeping mess. The new material sounds great! Thanks for some of the most beautiful & emotional music we've ever experienced.

Datum:   01.07.2003 um 19:44:47
Name:   Dan Layman-Kennedy
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Thanks for the front-page link, guys! You were truly amazing. How is it that the Scandinavians get all the really good prog? :)

Datum:   01.07.2003 um 05:26:44
Name:   Dave Kulju
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   The Anglagard performance was the highlight of the NEARfest 2003 event, and that is saying something because all 10 bands were fantastic! Thank You for comming so far to play for us!

Datum:   30.06.2003 um 22:23:48
Name:   Patrik
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej! Jag har skrivit lite om erat band på Det står under rubriken "lista". Ni får gärna kolla så att det som är skrivet stämmer. Länka gärna till sidan också och ni gillar den. Adressen är antingen eller alternativt:

Datum:   30.06.2003 um 18:09:07
Name:   Michael and Cathi Perez
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   It was an absolutely fantastic show at Nearfest! It was a pleasure to see, hear, and meet you all. Best of luck in the future - please come back soon.

Datum:   30.06.2003 um 17:24:22
Name:   Mike Pettyjohn
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Saw your show last night at NearFest and be it occuring on a New Moon... it was definitely a magickal experience!!In fact on a scale of well,... lets just say it had MUCHOMOJOMEGATONNAGE talk about a BIG BANG of a show!Thanx!

Datum:   28.06.2003 um 15:20:44
Name:   Hirotane Soma
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Since 1stAlbum of the method of you came to hand ten years ago, ProgRock of Sweden has been loved enthusiastically! If the gig of the method of you can see in Japan, I will think that I am fortunate.

Datum:   27.06.2003 um 21:26:48
Name:   Prog-Rocker
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Damn, I would kill to be there, at your show... :-) Good Luck Anglagard, Have Fun! Waiting for the CDs Release...

Datum:   26.06.2003 um 07:12:03
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi ! Just wanted to take a minute while I am waiting for the taxi that will take me and Jonas to the airport for Nearfest. I just wanted to write and say thank you to everyone at the gigs so far for giving us such a warm reception. Germany and Wurzburg was truly a magical experience for the band and we were all really moved...Stockholm was a very unique experience which we will never forget....( we´ve got it on video....just in case ! ) Talk to you all soon and probably meet a couple of you as well.... All the best, Mattias

Datum:   23.06.2003 um 21:41:41
Name:   Phil
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello Everbody!! Really looking forward to hearing you at NEAR Fest in just a few short days! I've now had time to look at the site more, and who says Swede Proggers don't have a sense of humor!!??? BTW, do you still have the infamous April Fools Day front page, that had me on the ground ROLLING!!

Datum:   20.06.2003 um 17:40:15
Name:   Marco Zanghieri
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Thank you guys for the great show in Wurzburg. The song Jordok have made me young again.

Datum:   20.06.2003 um 15:22:12
Name:   Thomas
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   HI, I've choosen two names for your untitled Songs you've played in Würzburg: #1 "Tune in June" (i wrote it down) #2 "An Draighneán Donn" (in Irland it means "The Blackthorn tree). Am I the winner of a T-Shirt? :-) Hope to see you next time...

Datum:   19.06.2003 um 23:15:13
Name:   Frank Möckel
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej! Änglagard, Trevlig midsommar. I must you see again! Best wishes. Frank

Datum:   19.06.2003 um 23:08:37
Name:   StonedBeast
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   The concert in Würzburg was really cultural shock for me ! Amazing ! Thank You !!! P.S.: We all waiting for your new album.

Datum:   17.06.2003 um 23:49:20
Name:   Frank Möckel
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello Änglagard, thank you for the fantastic and very wonderful concert at the ARTROCK-Festival in Würzburg. Best wishes to all Änglagard members. I hope to see Änglagard in next time. So long. Frank

Datum:   17.06.2003 um 20:44:39
Name:   Linda
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   It was a wonderful concert in Wuerzburg, and although I can't think of titles for your new songs, I badly hope they and some more will appear soon on a new CD. Thanx a lot,good luck to all of you, Linda

Datum:   17.06.2003 um 10:11:30
Name:   Ekkehard Nahm
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Tomas! We've talked two (or three) words last week-end in Wuerzburg. I am still very impressed by your concert. It was one of the best I've ever seen! Thanks for that! And thanks to the whole band for re-union!! All the best and mange tack! Ekkehard (keys versus x)

Datum:   14.06.2003 um 00:25:51
Name:   filip
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   jag tycker det är förbannat tungt att jag missade konserten pågrund av att det var 18 års gränns. hoppas ni spelar någonstans där åldern är fri/filip

Datum:   13.06.2003 um 02:12:35
Name:   Petter Sundlöf
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Måste också säga att Mondo 11/6 nog var min bästa konsertupplevelse hittills. Tack Änglagård. Jag längtar något så gränslöst (!) till det nya albumet. Här är några bilder som jag tog. Ni får ha överseende med rörelseoskäpra och grynighet.

Datum:   11.06.2003 um 23:41:30
Name:   maria och linus
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej! Vill bara tacka för kvällens konsert på Mondo. Utan att överdriva så är det bland det mest fantastiska jag(Maria) hört live nånsin. (Ska möjligen vara John Abercrombie trio live i Boston som går att jämföra). Jag häpnar! Underbara låtar, fantastiskt spel och ljudet var kanon. Tja vad säjer man, det är bara att tacka och bocka, samt spelar ni inte mer i Sverige så kommer jag göra nått kriminellt.. Lycka till i västerlandet. Maria K

Datum:   12.06.2003 um 01:02:28
Name:   mattia
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hej! j-igt bra ikväll gott folk! tack för en fin och trevlig konsert. tog lite bilder: use as you wish! but please give me credit for the pics ... ciao/mattia

Datum:   12.06.2003 um 02:02:11
Name:   Marcus Wrangö
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Fantastic consert in Stockolm tonight! Pictures and filmclips from tonights performance available at: Very much looking forward to a new album, hopefully with the two new great songs played tonight!

Datum:   12.06.2003 um 02:39:16
Name:   Robin Forsberg
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Jag behövde inte nypa mig, det var sant. Och det var fantastiskt så bra ni var. Så tajt! De nya låtarna var enormt sköna, i synnerhet "Ny låt nr 1". Måtte det bli ett albumsläpp på det här. Tack för en grym show!

Datum:   12.06.2003 um 12:12:22
Name:   Robin Forsberg
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I just put up a whole lot of photos on my website from the Änglagård concert at Mondo yesterday. For you who were there to remember and for you who weren't to wish you were there!

Datum:   12.06.2003 um 16:10:49
Name:   Deeeeeeeennis!!!
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Tack för igår. :)

Datum:   11.06.2003 um 14:51:56
Name:   Robin Forsberg
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Snart åker tre förväntansfulla grabbar från Söderhamn ner till Stockholm för att se Änglagård live på Mondo. Det är nästan så att man får nypa sig själv och undra om man drömmer :)

Datum:   07.06.2003 um 00:24:47
Name:   Thomas Johansson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Grymt att ni ska lira igen, såg mailet med info från Marcus idag. Kan jag så kommer jag och lollar på onsdag. Underbart, vackert, ljuvligt, extatiskt.....

Datum:   10.06.2003 um 00:24:27
Name:   Lorne Murphy
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi again.. that link from the forum is mine, I am glad to see that it brought some people here! I am always trying to keep the Anglagard name out there in the public, I tell as many people as I can!!

Datum:   11.06.2003 um 01:45:08
Name:   julio gonzalez
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hola les escribo de Santiago de Chile, Sudamerica. son muy buenos , me recuerdan algunas de cosas de Focus,muy bueno el drummer

Datum:   06.06.2003 um 11:22:16
Name:   mattia
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   åh va roligt att ni ska spela i stockholm! har varit ett 'fan' sen hybris-tiden men har bara fått uppleva er live genom Buried Alive-plattan. vi ses på onsdag!

Datum:   02.06.2003 um 21:45:23
Name:   Y. Grenier
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Bonjour Mattias & Others, I have been a fan of Änglagaard since the release of Hybris. I'm hopeful that you will stop by Canada to do a show on you way to or back from the U.S. for those of us that will not see you at NearFest. Takk!

Datum:   30.05.2003 um 22:14:59
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   WELL, only a month until NEARFEST. I hope the weather improves a bit more around here for the last weekend in JUNE! Of course it will! ANGLAGARD will be back! Too bad about no BASEBALL CAPS. My YES cap gets some notice, (and snickers!). see you soon, MATTIAS, and friends! CHARLIE

Datum:   28.05.2003 um 10:26:46
Name:   Thomas Waltner
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, where in Belgium do you want to play in August? I would be happy if it is not so far from the German border. Thomas

Datum:   21.05.2003 um 18:25:34
Name:   Marcel Keuenhof
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Now that was one of the best surprises I came across recently !!! That mindbogglingly marvellous band that I discovered by the time of their farewell-album (one of my very favourites amongst a couple of hundred of prog/sympho/melodious rock albums...), is back together !!!! And you fellows will be on the road down South !!!! Is there any possibility for you guys to come to the Netherlands also ??? Or Belgium (you could bring Paatos along when joining Anekdoten for their 11th of June gig in "Spirit of '66" in Verviers... !! :) :) Eagerly looking forward to more news (and music, mostly :), I wish Änglagård and all lovers of music (theirs and other) the very best ! Ha det bra !!! <MK>

Datum:   20.05.2003 um 09:01:22
Name:   anto sulistianto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   anglagard is one of the best prog band I ever listen. greeting from Indonesian prog fans

Datum:   19.05.2003 um 11:53:51
Name:   Ola
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej... tänkte bara meddela att det är riktigt kul att ni börjat lira igen. Ser fram emot att se er. Hoppas att ni får ut ett album till, hade varit fantastiskt. Har ni någras planer på att återsläppa något på vinyl (Jag saknar Hybris!!!) Ha' de fint...

Datum:   19.05.2003 um 13:23:56
Name:   Thomas Andersson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Underbart att plattorna släpps på nytt! Och ni kommer väl till västkusten snart hoppas jag? Vad sägs om Slottskogen goes progressive i höst? Vore fantastiskt.

Datum:   17.05.2003 um 06:18:09
Name:   Gustavo Jobim
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello, it was a very pleasant surprise to know that Änglagård, the most excellent Swedish band, is back. My best wishes to all the members. I hope some day the Brazilians get lucky to see you live. Long live the Gård!

Datum:   17.05.2003 um 05:30:59
Name:   Thomas Kohls
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, I am a great fan of your music and wish you all the best for the future. Thomas Kohls

Datum:   15.05.2003 um 23:28:30
Name:   Dennis
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Helt underbart att ni är tillbaka !!! Jag har med en dåres envishet försökt spela eran musik för en massa olika folk i alla dessa år...hursom helst, det ska bli kul att se er i Stockholm snart - det blir 4:e gången jag ser er ! / Dennis i Borlänge

Datum:   15.05.2003 um 13:54:56
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Jeff. T-shirts will be available through and at gigs... There will be no Anglagard baseball caps or capes. All the best, Mattias

Datum:   15.05.2003 um 04:54:13
Name:   Jeff
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great band! Where to get an Anglagard tshirt??

Datum:   12.05.2003 um 22:18:24
Name:   daniel och filip
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Vi blir så förbannat glada när vi läser att Änglagård ska börja spela tillsammans igen. Vi trodde det var kört, att man aldrig skulle få se er spela men drömmen har blivit verklighet. Var kan man köpa bijetter och när? Och är det 18 års gräns i stockholm? Ser fram emot århundradets spelning!

Datum:   11.05.2003 um 23:03:38
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Danny ! Nothing is impossible...! I´d love to play Israel...As I have written before...If the right occasion shows up...we´d love to come. The hardest work is being done now in the rehearsal room...After were done there we just want to get out there and play... All the best, Mattias

Datum:   11.05.2003 um 22:57:07
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Håkan...! The albums will be out in three weeks if everything goes according to plans...Otherwise you can buy them at the gig....! // Mattias

Datum:   11.05.2003 um 20:16:41
Name:   Some1
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi. I'm waiting with all of you for the re-release of the albums. I know that it's mad and extremely not possible, but there are any chances that you will ever think of coming to a show is Israel? :) I know that I'm dreaming... :) PLEASE PLEASE!!! Danny from Israel

Datum:   11.05.2003 um 17:28:05
Name:   Håkan Torstensson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Have they released "Hybris" and "Epilog" yet.If not when?? When they have been released were can i get them?? Änglagård forever...

Datum:   09.05.2003 um 12:16:42
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi ! Spring has arrived in Stockholm and the rehearsal room is really heating up in more ways than one. As for now we have no plans to play in Norway. If the right occasion shows we´d love to. Otherwise everything is fine with the band. We are very active with rehearsals and sealed a preliminary arrangement for a new song yeaterday. So far we have two new songs...One which is more or less finished and the second which is a bit more sketchy but. Johan is experimenting a lot with effectpedals and Anna is constantly adding small tidbits to her arsenal the latest being some Stylophone on some of the new tracks so the gigs should be sonically interesting. As far as new members I think we are fine...we have enough on our plates as it is... Take care, Mattias

Datum:   07.05.2003 um 23:11:09
Name:   Stian
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   YES! Änglagård lever! jippi! kommer dere til norge? The good thing about getting Buried Alive is that you can always dig your way up to see the sun!

Datum:   05.05.2003 um 10:49:15
Name:   Fabio
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Mattias, I was searching Anglagard's lyrics because I have a Swedish friend who can translate them for me... I have been listening to Anglagard for YEARS really, and you can't imagine how surprised and happy I was when I saw that the band is coming back! Back in 1993, when "Radio Rock" here in Rome first started to play Hybris, there was quite a RIOT, everyone (among the radio listeners, I mean :-)) was MAD about your band! And now that you are back together, are there any chances that you will come to Italy and play? PLease don't say no! Greetings from Italy! Fabio

Datum:   04.05.2003 um 10:48:47
Name:   Pe
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello. Now that the excellent guitarist Reine Fiske has left Paatos, perhaps he should be invited to audition as second guitarist for Änglagård? :)

Datum:   03.05.2003 um 21:22:26
Name:   Pe
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Reine Fiske har ju slutat i Paatos. Ni borde fråga om han ville vara med i Änglagård.