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Datum:   28.04.2003 um 10:16:26
Name:   mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Sergio...

We would love to play south america if the right date came you might now we have toured Mexico with....hmmm let´s say doubtful results...

It´s not really South America but it is the closest we´ve been...

All the best,


Datum:   25.04.2003 um 02:14:42
Name:   Sergio
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I can't believe I found the Anglagard web site. I am from Costa Rica (Central América). And wonder if we here will ever see the band around here... I love Anglagard music and just wanted to tell it to somebody!!! But their CDs are near to impossible to find here. The last month I went to México and could buy one...

Again...I wonder if we at Costa Rica will ever be able to see the band here...


Datum:   23.04.2003 um 08:54:13
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi !

As of right now Johan is playing a Fender jazz bass which feels like a good trade off between his fretless five stringed custom bass and a rickenbacker... I personnally love the Ricks but frequency-wise I´d say that the more frequencies you´ve got, the more you have to distort...

Makes sense writing this....probably doesn´t make too much sense reading it...

so, as for now Johan is playing a fender jazz bass, Moog taurus I pedals and a wide array of pedals including distortion, envelope filters, octave pedals, and tremolos to mention but a few.

all the best,


Datum:   22.04.2003 um 04:26:47
Name:   Schizoid
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I don't think I could see any Rickenbacker bass on the new rehearsal pics. Änglagård without any Rick?

Datum:   21.04.2003 um 20:18:55
Name:   Stephane Carbonneau
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Bonjour!
Votre musique est subtile, romantique, passionnée et intelligente. Je suis vraiement heureux d'apprendres la reformation du groupe... Merci de nous faire rever!
- Stef.

Datum:   18.04.2003 um 19:14:56
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi !

Just came back home from rehearsals where we have now played through all the material that we will be playing at the gig...Very inspiring...Even more inspiring is the fact that we have worked over some of the old songs and in a way " solved " arrangement problems that we never sorted out earlier...We reworked the end parts of two old tracks so that they are more aggressive, dramatic and actually more logical. Also note that the songs are longer not shorter...We have also started messing with instrumentation ideas on some of the tracks...sorting out Tords parts and adding new ones.

Concerning Nearfest recordings....I would be very surprised if the gig wouldn´t be filmed and recorded both officially and unofficially...There will be some kind of official taping I guess...

Have a great Easter...all of you.

// Mattias

Datum:   18.04.2003 um 14:54:07
Name:   Daniel Jones
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Sorry about spamming the guestbook again but I was wondering if their were any plans to tape or video the nearfest gig?. It would ease the pain of those miles and miles away.

Datum:   15.04.2003 um 20:05:20
Name:   Ole
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Jag har lyssnat på er sedan ni startade och det har nog inte gått en mån. mellan lyssningarna på nån av skivorna sen dess... Det hade dock inte suttit helt fel med ett nytt album, det var ju ett tag sen... Snälla, se till att boka in ett Sverige gig inom en snar framtid.

Datum:   13.04.2003 um 19:29:27
Name:   Mikko
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   just brilliant music! i dunno how is it possible to make this kind of music that sounds like 70`s brilliant prog bands....i think this is a band that is higly recomended to my fellow progrock fans. compositions are fantastic and and and....(speechless)

Datum:   12.04.2003 um 00:17:56
Name:   charly heidenreich
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hi, mattias since you haven't answered my mail concerning our festival, it seems that there's really no hope for an ANGLAGARD show in WÜRZBURG/GERMANY on the 14./15. of june. it's really a pity, your swedish compatriots and friends from ANEKDOTEN, PAATOS and ISILDURS BANE would have enjoyed your company almost as much as we'd loved to see and hear you play. but maybe we can get you for a show on the 19th of OCTOBER along with SIMON SAYS and the 21st CENTURY SCHIZOID BAND???
please keep the date in mind...

Datum:   11.04.2003 um 20:37:18
Name:   Andrés
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I've just heard "Jordrok" and I'm REALLY impressed!!!! This is absolutely smashing , nearly blew my head off! I'm gonna look for your records from now on. ;)

Datum:   09.04.2003 um 10:42:16
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej hej Chrille....

Gick till hemsidan, kul ! Blev bara lite nyfiken...Är det en Solina orgel som står i Studion ?


Datum:   09.04.2003 um 08:05:02
Name:   Sean McFee
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Well, I will be in Trenton to see Änglagård play, so that is one at least ;).

Datum:   08.04.2003 um 15:20:40
Name:   Chrille
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej! Tänkte bara nämna det att Hybris och Epilog är helt makalösa plattor. Har dem båda på vinyl och jag vårdar dem ömt. Ser fram nåt enormt mot er nya platta:) Skall även hålla utkik efter er live! Fortsätt göra bäst musik!!!

Datum:   05.04.2003 um 19:36:52
Name:   Yuri Zykov
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Unfortunately I'm also unable to get there... I live in Kazakhstan (Almaty city) and it is too expensive to fly to New Jersey ;) Anyway I hope to hear Anglagard live some day. Maybe Anglagard will play somewhere in Europe or even in Moscow (who knows?) - these shows I won't miss!

Datum:   04.04.2003 um 06:19:00
Name:   Daniel Jones
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Mattias unfortunately I will not be in New Jersey for June. I won't ask you to tour Australia as I know that would be overly optimistic. Everyone over here only likes Kylie and Limp Bizkit anyway. I will just have to save up for when you play another big prog festival.

Datum:   03.04.2003 um 20:59:03
Name:   monika
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Dear Mattias,
not me either, sooo sorry. It's a few miles away from the old world....

But if you want me and a bunch of freaks to see one of the most wonderful and mystic Progressive Rock band - that means YOU - just give Charly a positive response for the Artrock Festival in Wuerzburg, Germany this June!!
I'd love you to make this event even more swedish than it already will be.


Datum:   03.04.2003 um 19:47:15
Name:   Umberto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   not me :-(, sorry...

Datum:   03.04.2003 um 17:41:19
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi !

Just curious...
How many people on the guestbook are going to be in beautiful Trenton, NJ in June ?

Datum:   03.04.2003 um 02:04:10
Name:   Schizoid
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   The unplugged layout was nice indeed.

Datum:   02.04.2003 um 22:55:45
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   .....I kind of liked the lo-fi look on the page......

Datum:   02.04.2003 um 04:36:24
Name:   Rob LaDuca
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Umberto- Pesce d'aprile!

Datum:   01.04.2003 um 12:55:33
Name:   Umberto

Datum:   26.03.2003 um 23:01:44
Name:   Erik
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   You know that the repress will be out within 2 months or so? It's ofcourse a nice collectors item with the original press. My favourite track is Skogsranden. Very nice album. I got it on vinyl. Not that I have a player but it's well worth it just for the cover.

Datum:   26.03.2003 um 18:48:06
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   MATTIAS, I hope you are having fun in SIN CITY (VEGAS)! If you find yourself in front of a ROULETTE WHEEL, bet 17 BLACK, 20 BLACK, or 0, 00 (GREENS).
EVENTUALLY, they always come in!
onward to NEARFEST!

Datum:   24.03.2003 um 01:21:27
Name:   Daniel Jones
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Am bidding on Epilog on Ebay. My favourite album of all time and I don't own it yet. Just writing to ask if people could put there favourite songs down and why. My fav is 'sistra sommar' it just seems such a complete song, it seems to build up to the centrepiece about half way and then work back down, awesome.

Datum:   20.03.2003 um 12:58:55
Name:   Pedro Gasparinetti
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hail hail Anglagard! I'm from Brazil. I've got some mp3s, the songs are wonderful, I was looking for something like it for a long time! Congratulations!

Datum:   18.03.2003 um 19:47:41
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi !

Just a couple of lines from America ! I am in Las Vegas with some of the members from Pineforest Crunch.

Concerning the new Anglagard album we haven't really decided any details yet...Two new songs are finished in the writing but needs to be worked at in the rehearsal studio. Right now we aren't sure about how and when it'll be recorded. There are ideas floating around, though.

And yes the Stylophone, Speak & spell, synares or synkits are all great to play behind a drumkit....!

Take care and keep on typing in...It is so great to hear from you all.

All the best,


Datum:   15.03.2003 um 01:28:51
Name:   Robin Forsberg
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I almost fell of my chair when I stumbled upon this website and read that one of my all-time favourite bands has gone and reunited. I was 17 years old when you released "Hybris", and it totally changed my music mind. It still is my favourite album. I wish you the very best and I will check in here quite often to follow your new-born progress. And hey, where are the two T-shirts I ordered from you in 1995? I am still waiting =) //

Datum:   14.03.2003 um 17:09:37
Name:   Jens
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Tjenare Änglagård,

Det är super-duper att ni har återförenats! Kommer ni att ge ut en ny skiva nu då bandet finns igen ? Och isåfall ungefär när ? Jag har varit en trogen svensk fan sen 1993 då jag hörde HYBRIS för första gången. Men aldrig fångat er live. Kommer ni kanske ge några livekonserter i Sverige framöver ?? Jag är rejält sugen på att få veta dessa saker! Mejla mig några rader om inget annat.

//Hälsningar Jensa

Datum:   12.03.2003 um 08:44:13
Name:   Anto Sulistianto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi, I'm your big fan from Indonesia. I love your music.
Keep on making good music.

Datum:   10.03.2003 um 23:00:09
Name:   Carles Falp
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I love Anglagard! I think you are the best progressive band, brutal!.
All the best from Barcelona (Spain)!

Datum:   09.03.2003 um 00:14:15
Name:   Morten
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi. I think it`s so cool that Änglagård is back together! :-) I`ve discivered you in the last years, so I didn`t think I would ever get a chance to see you live (I`m only 22, so I wasn`t really into prog in 94). Heard you are maybe doing a concert in Stockholm before the summer? More info on that? Any chances of you comming to Norway? Keep up the good work!
P.S: I`ve actually got a stylophone! ;-) Borrowed it from a girl friend who has had it since she was a kid, and I`m planning to play it in my prog band. (and this was before I heard you got one) I`m a drummer, and I think it must be the perfect thing to play from behind the drumset ;-)

Datum:   08.03.2003 um 15:35:50
Name:   Umberto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I hope to see Anglagard playing in Italy have a lot of fans here!!!
We're waiting...


Datum:   07.03.2003 um 12:28:07
Name:   Thomas W.
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Mattias & Anna,

thanks for the comments about Orchestron & Stylophon. There are always some rare & obscure instruments of the past to discover. I've read once an article about the Orchestron but I thought it has been some sort of custom-made beast of Kraftwerk. In fact it must be a more "hifi" version of the Optigan :-))
Use it !!! Great idea! I myself play mellotron & theremin & other 70s keyboards, so would like to hear the "voices of the past" – and do it live!
One more question: how do you find the Orchestron & how much was the price???

Hope to see you live, Thomas

Datum:   06.03.2003 um 12:51:52
Name:   Arjan
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hello Anglagard, First of all, i am very happy about the reforming of Anglagard!
Is it true that Anglagard plays live together with Anekdoten and Paatos on 13th july in Wurzburg in Germany?

Datum:   05.03.2003 um 22:10:44
Name:   Anna Holmgren
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   ...and if you go to the picture-section you can actually see Mattias holding an orchestron-disc on pic nr.16...


Datum:   05.03.2003 um 16:19:15
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Thomas.

The Orchestron is a really cool 70´s keyboard that uses optical discs for it´s sound source. You are absolutely right about the Kraftwerk-connection. The choirs on Trans-europe express and Radioactivity are Orchestron choirs. I picked mine up from a guy in Florida about two years ago and it has become one of my favorite keyboards.

The sound is very similar to the Mellotron but as the discs loop when they play it means you can hold chords infinitely ( not the mellotrons 8 seconds ). Also the discs crackle and pop like a vinyl record which adds to the sound in a really interesting way.

The Stylophone is another one of my favorites...It is a little handheld monophonic toy keyboard made popular by Rolf Harris. You play it by pressing a sort of pen against a metal touch keyboard. The sound is very thin and nasal but has a very definite charm to it in my opinion. Bands that have used the Stylophone are Kraftwerk ( of course ) and David Bowie ( who was the only posterboy for the instrument, he claimed in the ads that he wrote " all " of his material on the stylophones - not too likely )

I don´t know how much these instruments will show up on the new Anglagard material. It all depends.... I don´t know if the progworld is ready for a Orchestron/Stylophone and Theremin version of Kung Bore just yet....I´d love to hear one though....

If you want to read more about the instrument above I have written about them at

Take care.

// Mattias

Datum:   04.03.2003 um 14:34:05
Name:   Thomas W.
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi folks,

good news about Änglagård. I hope they will be so kind to play in central Europe as well (Vervier, "Spirit of 66" is good place for progressiv music, I have been often there).
But what the hell means Mathias (in the Interview) about "...Mellotrons, Orchestrons and Stylophones...". OK, we all know the mellotron, but what sort of stuff are the other two? The Orchestron, isn't it a rare keyboard of the old Kraftwerk-era? Don't tell me you got one...!?!

Best wishes & have fun

Datum:   02.03.2003 um 08:31:12
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   ....and yes Charlie, we will be using a bunch of Mellotrons on stage.

Datum:   02.03.2003 um 08:29:48
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi !

Just wanted to drop you a line and let y´all know that things are on the move.

The band is rehearsing as much as we can to get ready for this summers adventures.
It is really interesting getting back into the old material again and to try to figure out what we actually played in 1992.

When it comes to other gigs we are looking over some different offers. It looks right now as we will be doing at least one more gig in June.
More info about that later.

Take care and keep your eyes on the homepage where we will be updating with more news and pics as we go along....

// Best regards,


Datum:   24.02.2003 um 21:57:41
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   MATTIAS & ANGLAGARD: I just wanted to let you know several dedicated prog fans braved the cold of a TRENTON, N.J. night to wait for NEARFEST tickets to go on sale, on the 15th of FEBRUARY. ANGLAGARD was the main reason I waited for 6.5 hours, plus that little old band,CAMEL! SOOOO... we shall see you there, and don't forget to bring the MELLOTRON!

Datum:   21.02.2003 um 21:04:24
Name:   Wellington Bengtson
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hey, come to Rio Art Rock Festival in November in Brazil!

Datum:   18.02.2003 um 01:05:03
Name:   Rob LaDuca
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   just a heads up... there are only 6 tickets out of 1851 left for NEARfest 2003 and the grand reunion show of Anglagard. You can grab one of these 6 tickets via this link at

Rob LaDuca

Datum:   17.02.2003 um 01:26:13
Name:   Wayne
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   It's wonderful to see the band back in action once again. The music of Anglagard has always inspired me a great deal, I look farward to some new music some time soon. Oh and while your here in the States why not head out to the west coast for a gig in Los Angeles, Greg Walker you reading this? :o)

Best Regards,

Los Angeles

Datum:   15.02.2003 um 16:18:43
Name:   Surjorimba Suroto
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   finally you're back! When will you rerelease Epilog and visit Indonesia?

Datum:   14.02.2003 um 01:33:29
Name:   Mein name ist Asbjørn Brekke
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I hope this will be a great year. Come to Norway. If not, I'll have to take a really expensive vällferd to USA.

Datum:   12.02.2003 um 13:25:35
Name:   GJ
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Fab news that the greatest prog band on the planet are back! - I look forward to the new album with bed wetting anticipation...

ps - if your looking for great Anglagard related links check out (Volume 1 - album review of Hybris) plus (latest volume Hybris / Epilog =1 as best prog albums of recent years in 'Anal Six'. Enjoy - the cape website is totally hilarious! GJ

Datum:   06.02.2003 um 20:29:47
Name:   Schizoid
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   utrolig bra ting som skjer for tiden. Gleder meg vedrørende re-release av Hybris og forhåpentligvis Epilog. Håper også på Norges-turne etterhvert? Trondheim muligens?:)

eine kleine gebadeball

Datum:   06.02.2003 um 10:12:51
Name:   Lars Berger
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   You're the coolest, shit hot site! Another cool band is Electric Earth. Feel free to visit us at Do it fast, don't be the last!

Datum:   02.02.2003 um 16:05:52
Name:   Sindre Holme
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Gjenforening, dette er gode nyheter! Men hva har tapet av Tord Lindman betydd for Änglagård-sounden?

Datum:   01.02.2003 um 23:43:31
Name:   helge berseth
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Heeeelp!!
jeg vil kjøpe vinyl skiver av
Skandinavias prog konger nr 1.

Datum:   29.01.2003 um 19:29:10
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi Greg !

Nice to see that you are in the nighbourhood and took the time to write...Really looking forward to seeing you again !

I think the new material is right up your alley.

Take care,

// Mattias

Datum:   28.01.2003 um 18:23:05
Name:   Greg Walker
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   It will be great to see you guys again in June. Just like old times. Send me some demo's of the new material. See ya, Greg

Datum:   24.01.2003 um 11:46:51
Name:   Pascal
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Anglagard is back. It's the best news I recieve since the birth of my childrens !-))... I (we = the belgian prog's fans) hope to see you in Belgium very soon.

Datum:   24.01.2003 um 00:59:51
Name:   peter
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   tjena, tack som fan- vår skiva e oxå på väg till dig. ha det gött vi höres- ja det e härligt m tyska...

Datum:   23.01.2003 um 18:46:34
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej hej...

Kul att se lite svenska inlägg...Linus...Jag ser till att lägga till en liten länk så att folk kan ramla dit...Hoppas att arbetet går bra med nya skivan...

Peter...Skivan är i posten !

// Mattias

P.S Jag älskar dom tyska instruktionerna, micket bra !

Datum:   23.01.2003 um 00:58:13
Name:   Linus
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Yo!
Hoppas allt rockar fett!
Har just lagt upp er länk på vår hemsida!

P.S. Tack för senast, Mattias! En mycket trevlig fest!

Datum:   19.01.2003 um 00:37:34
Name:   peter iwers
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   hej jag heter peter och spelar musik i hårdrocksbandet in flames. jag är givetvis ett superfan av er fantastiska musik, och jag undrar- kan jag få tag i ett ex av hybris ngnstans??det jag hade är sedan länge försvunnet och jag har letat efter ett nytt ex men utan resultat. kan ni, eller ngn tipsa mig om var jag kan köpa ett så vore jag enormt tacksam. maila mig gärna på adressen ovan!! mvh peter(otroligt kul att ni skall återförenas förresten, maken till bra musik finns inte!!)

Datum:   17.01.2003 um 00:25:26
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hej Jonas !

Ledsen att du behövde vänta så länge...

Som det ser ut nu så kommer vi att försöka göra någon spelning i Stockholm tillsammans med något annat svenskt band innan Nearfest som rep.

Håll ögonen på sidan. Så fort vi har bestämt nåt så lägger vi ut det.

Vi hörs...

// Mattias

Datum:   14.01.2003 um 12:58:03
Name:   Jonas Stalhammar
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Kul att ni har börjat lira igen. Blir det nån spelning i Stockholm då? Har inte sett er live på snart 10 år..

Datum:   14.01.2003 um 12:04:16
Name:   Uri Breitman, Israel
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Very good site, and it's long over-due. I'm waiting anxiously for the re-release of Epilog on CD. It's about time that the band understand that masterpieces like Hybris and Epilog shouldn't be neglected.

Datum:   12.01.2003 um 20:58:02
Name:   danilo
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great news from the best band in the last 20 years!!

Datum:   11.01.2003 um 21:43:44
Name:   Helter-Skelter From Israel
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Nice site! I was very pleased when u said that the band is going to re-publish Hybris and Epilog!

Datum:   11.01.2003 um 05:41:23
Name:   Lorne Murphy
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great, GREAT news! I look forward to the new album with ferocity! I have already made space on my cd shelf.

Mattias, I really like "Mellodramatic". Excellent job, man! Keep up the good work.

#1 Canadian Anglagard fan!

- LM

Datum:   10.01.2003 um 08:04:32
Name:   Steev harrison
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Great news Anglagard are back along with Anekdoten you should do a joint tour of the UK I would be atevery date!

Datum:   10.01.2003 um 00:54:51
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi !

For those who can´t wait for the new pressings...There are a couple of CD´s for sale with Änglagård right now on E-bay...Maybe a bit pricey though....

The current bidding price for Epilog is.....40 US !!!!!

// Mattias

Datum:   10.01.2003 um 00:24:53
Name:   Kai Müller-Berner
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Have any Änglagard-Fans out there had the same unwilling visions that they are handing out books to the audience at Änglagard-concerts?
I think they should.

(whose most beloved Roleplaying Character is named Änglagard)

Datum:   08.01.2003 um 21:33:08
Name:   Scott Hamrick
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   I am amazed and overwhelmed to learn that Anglagard is reforming and playing NEARFest. I have never bothered to go, but I have no excuse this year! Epilog is truly a masterpiece. I look forward to the new album!


Reels of Dreams Unrolled

Datum:   08.01.2003 um 13:01:10
Name:   Daniel Jones
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Anglagard is the best reformation ever. Epilog is the best album ever. In Australia we wait paitently for a third album. Also congratulations on the site it was a nice suprise to find it even nicer when it told me of the reformation.

Datum:   07.01.2003 um 21:45:23
Name:   Mattias
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Hi !

Love the german on it ! very educational....Maybe we should " do a Kraftwerk " and release a version of Hybris with German lyrics.... Maybe not...

Datum:   07.01.2003 um 20:55:31
Name:   Jutze
Inhalt der Mitteilung:   Welcome to the! Let's hope that 2003 will become the year of Änglagård! Jutze