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Anna Holmgren was so kind to answer my questions. And by the way, I received her answers at 2:32 am...
(March 2003)

First of all, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview!
How are things going with Änglagård these days?

Things are going well I think. Everything is very intense, rehearsing the old material and finishing the two new songs. Right now we are introducing the new material to Mattias to see how everything works with drums and percussion added. So there is some rearranging work left to be done and Mattias' spontaneous ideas to be considered.

Have you been involved in the songwriting process in the past?
Yes I have, but not so much on Hybris since all songs but "Vandringar i vilsenhet" were already completed when I joined the band.

Anna HolmgrenAre you nowadays?

Are you going to play some new material at NEARfest?
Yes, we are going to play two new songs.

Will you replace Tord's vocals in the old songs with your flute?
To replace vocal parts with an instrument could sound quite bad as the words in singing have a complex functon with rytmical phrases and a wide range of sound variation included in the language. It could work in those sections where the vocals sound very insrumental in itself.

What are the differences for you between studying music and playing with Änglagård?
With Änglagård there's no teachers to tell me what is right or wrong, which is just wonderful since I base my way of working on feelings and intuition, and have a very strong opinion on how things should be, and it doesn't include that kind of categorical thinking. But this freedom also leads to conflicts that would never have occurred with a teacher present.

What other instruments do you play beside the flute? Have you ever wanted to be a drummer? Have you ever tried to become a drummer?
I play the soprano saxophone and some piano. And I actually tried to be the drummer in a band once, but they made me switch to bass after just one rehearsal :-)
But I do play the congas and took lessons for a year.

Do you use any ear protection in the rehearsal room and on stage?
Yes, it would be very foolish not to use ear protection!

Can you still remember when you met the band eleven years ago? Were you instantly eager to join the band or did the others have to persuade you play with them?
I actually had to convince them that they HAD to take me in, I don't think I never had or still haven't wanted something so badly as I wanted to be a part of Änglagård!

Did you often think back to the time with Änglagård after the band had split up eight years ago?
I think I was the only one in the band who was truly sorry that we couldn't go on playing together, and I took the split-up very hard.

Could you describe each of the band members with a few (three?) words?
Well, since I still want us to keep playing together, I think I'd better not do that... :-)

Would you consider yourself a night owl? Or are you more active during the day?
I take a wild guess that since I've sent you some e-mails late at night you ask this...? And yes, my mind is more creative in late hours.

I already asked Mattias this final question: Any hobbies or is music all there is in your life?
I'm a very creative person and can't really divide my life into different parts like "work" or "hobbies", it would make me miserable. So right now my life is mainly music, but could easily change into other ways of expressing myself. In the past there have been photo-technique, painting, ceramics and other things that bring me into a feeling of "flow".
Finally, I want to thank you for putting so much time and energy into this great site of a little odd progressive band like us!