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   Ifrån klarhet till klarhet
   Kung Bore
   Gånglåt från Knapptibble
   Saknadens fullhet
   Sista somrar
   Vandringar i vilsenhet

The english translation of "Vandringar i vilsenhet", "Ifrån klarhet till klarhet" and "Kung Bore" (which were all originally written by Tord Lindman) was the work of Hans C. Larsson and Sandy Santra, with modifications by Ron Chrisley and Jonas Mellin. Sandy writes: "In some cases, I have made some guesses as to meaning. These words are in brackets. The lyrics were translated by Hans C. Larsson, and he deserves much thanks in this, but there were places that did not even make sense to him, so I have taken "artistic license" on account of being an "educated writer of the English language" (please, no flames!) and done what I can to make sense where it seemed lacking. If I am wrong or have badly botched it, so be it! I am the first to admit error. The first song is particularly difficult for me to understand; I had to give up on it and mostly let it be."
The poems to "Rösten" (The Voice) and "Sista somrar" (The Last Summer) were written and translated by Rut Hillarp. "Gånglåt från Knapptibble" received a tentative translation from Petter Sundlöf. He and Henrik Johansson played a key role in transcribing the lyrics of that song. The remaining poems were snatched from the wind. Those poems were translated by Christian Holmgren.