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Where can I get the albums?
All releases are available for download at https://anglagard.bandcamp.com. The "Buried Alive"-CD can be obtained from various mailorders as well as directly from the label (Musea). The CD versions of "Hybris", "Epilog", "Viljans öga" and "Prog på svenska - Live in Japan" can be ordered directly from the band or, again, from various mailorders. The black vinyl version of "Viljans öga" should be available (again) from RecordHeaven.net. Update 2023: Most albums are once again out of stock/print, sorry.

But I really want previous editions of the albums!
From time to time, the studio old CDs are offered (and sold) on eBay for quite ridiculous prices, because it seems to be the only place where you can actually buy them. Sometimes, LPs surface on eBay, too. Sometimes prices reach three digit dollar sums. It's crazy. A new vinyl edition of "Hybris" might be released next year.

What about other releases?
Back issues of Ptolemaic Terrascope with the E.P. containting "Gånglåt från Knapptibble" might still be available as a collector's item in certain British record shops. The track was recently released on the After The Storm compilation, which is not only easier, but also cheaper to get. It's also on all recent editions of "Hybris", of course.

Is this an official site?
No, it is a (non-profit) fanpage. But I get news directly from the band from time to time, and they were so kind to list the URL in the re-issued albums back in 2003 as well as on Facebook. In March 2009, the official homepage www.anglagardrecords.com went online (formerly anglagardmusic.com). Right now, it seems to complement anglagard.net (and the other way round), so my guess is that both sites will coexist from now on.

How can I contact the band?
First of all, please note that all mail concerning this homepage should be send to me (Johannes), since the band members have nothing to do with it.
In order to contact the band directly, please use info(at)anglagardrecords.com, try their Facebook profile or their previous Facebook profile or check out www.alvarsdotter.com for mail concerning album orders, distribution, promotion, and business in general. I'm aware that it's rather difficult to elicit a response from the band, so be persistent if you are serious.
I do not provide any promotion material myself. If you have any question about the band and its music that's not listed here or answered somewhere else on this page, feel free to ask me. I'll see what I can do.

Who are you, anyway?
My name is Johannes Schult, but people usually call me Jutze. I was born in 1979, became a fan of Änglagård in 1996, and created this homepage in 2002. You can visit my personal homepage at http://www.jutze.com. Here's a picture of myself with Anna Holmgren and Johan Brand.

Can you sell me some Änglagård-stuff?
No, I do not sell anything.

Will there be a new (studio) album?
"Viljans Öga" has been released in June 2012. Sort of. Beyond that - who knows? My guess is as good as yours.

I want to see Änglagård live. What can I do?
The live situation improved considerably in 2023. Check out the tour dates. If you want to organize a concert with Änglagård, try contacting the band.

How did the band form?
Tord and Johan met (somehow). Later they began searching for other musicians to play progressive rock music! They found Jonas and Thomas (or the other way round). Later on they persuaded their old/young friend Mattias to sit on the drum stool. Enter Anna (Johan knew her from work) et voil´┐Ż: Änglagård! Check out the interviews from 1993 for details.

Which members are in the band now?
Mattias Olsson, Johan Högberg, Jonas Engdegård, Oskar Forsberg, Staffan Lindroth.

What is "Rösten" on Epilog
? "We got that sound from a sound engineer that did some work for us. I can't remember his name though..." (Jonas E. in this interview)

Who came up with the bandname? What does it mean?
"I think it was Tord. His story was that his grandmother as a young girl had a box with paperdoll pictures of Angels and she called the box Änglagård. A farm of Angels." (Mattias O. in this interview)

Is it true that Thomas and Jonas are twins who were separated at birth?
No, it's not true.

Where is Knapptibble?
Hooray for Tobias, who writes "I think I know that Knapptibble is small place in the countryside near Enköping, Sweden, where Pär Lindh, of Pär Lindh Project, used to have his studio." I assume, he's right. After all, the song "Gånglåt från Knapptibble" was recorded at that place.