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Viljans Öga

Viljans Öga-Cover

Ur Vilande (15:44)
Sorgmantel (12:07)
Snårdom (16:14)
Längtans Klocka (13:18)

CD/limited 2LP (black vinyl)/limited edition 2LP (clear vinyl) (2012) (Anglagard Records) ANG03
The edition in clear vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes postcards. The edition in black vinyl is limited to 1500 copies. / 199 copies of the first CD edition have been signed and numbered by the band. / The second edition (released in August 2012) of the CD is supposed to have slightly different cover colours. / "Sorgmantel" is formerly known as "New Song #1". / "Längtans Klocka" is formerly known as "New Song #2".


Mattias Olsson: drums, percussion and noise
Johan Brand: bass and Taurus
Thomas Johnson: Pianos, Mellotrons and synths
Jonas Engdegård: guitars
Anna Holmgren: flute and saxophone

Tove Törnberg: cello
Daniel Borgegård Älgå: clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
Ulf Åkerstedt: bass tuba, bass trumpet, contrabass trumpet

All music was written and arranged by Änglagård
Cover artwork by Johan Brand
Poems by Johan Brand, Anna Holmgren and Thomas Johnson.

Recorded 2011-2012 at Atlantis, Studio Crazy Horse, Vintage Recording Studio, Roth Händle Studios, Granstigen Studio and Thomas' Place. Mixed by Alar Suurna at All Arts Recording 2012. Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm mastring
Produced by Änglagård


Making of... (by Martin Gustafsson)
Chapter 1 - The First Rehearsal
Chapter 2 - Drums in Atlantis
Chapter 3 - Bass Guitar
Chapter 4 - Hammond Organ
Chapter 5 - Flute
Chapter 6 - Back to Atlantis, Drums, Piano & Flute
Chapter 7 - Clarinet and Cello
Chapter 8 - Mellotron and Synthesizers
Chapter 9 - Saxophone and Bass Guitar
Chapter 10 - Percussion and Noise

Bits and pieces (by the band)
Thomas playing the riff on the MS-10 ("Snårdom")
Thomas playing the Casio MT-45 through the Sherman Filterbank
Thomas getting it right with the Mellotron Stringsection
Thomas recording the wurlitzer on Solaris
More Solaris intro Wurlitzer
Thomas working the volume pedal
Thomas recording Chamberlin solo male voice
Thomas recording Mellotron Mandolins
Thomas recording octave stringsection
Thomas recording pizzicato violins for Tellus
Listening to playback of chamberlin solo male voice
Percussion overdubs
Thomas plays the Stylophone through the Modular ("Längtans Klocka")
Percussion overdubs 6th of February Part 1
Percussion overdubs 6th of February Part 2
Percussion overdubs vol III ("Sorgmantel")
Flöjtpålägg Änglagård
Treatments for the new Änglagård album (rogue session) ("Sorgmantel")
Glockenspielfest (rogue sessions) ("Sorgmantel")
Slitdrumfest (rogue session) ("Sorgmantel")
The full 360 with Thomas ("Längtans Klocka")
Thomas recording more Wurlitzer ("Ur vilande")
Martin Gustafsson recording Mellotron Sonar ("Ur vilande")
Thomas recording Mellotron MK II Brass section on Tellus
Thomas sorting through files of Solaris ("Sorgmantel")
Thomas recording the MS-10 for the final part of Venus ("Snårdom")

Rehearsals (by the band)
David playing Mellotron ("Jordrök")
Johan with Taurus bass pedals ("Sorgmantel")
Anna with the flute
Änglagård walkaround i Roth Händle 5

NEARfest videos (by Jutze)
How to pronounce the song titles (featuring Jonas Engdegård)
Interview with tour keyboard player David Lundberg
Interview with Anna and Johan