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Änglagård were founded in 1991 in Stockholm and they disbanded in 1994 after their final perfomance at the Progfest in Los Angeles. During that time they released two albums which are considered to be classics in the realm of original Scandinavian rock music.
2002 saw the band revitalized and rehearsing again. Änglagård played a few concerts in the U.S. and Europe in 2003, including a very successful performance at NEARFest. Eventually, the band returned into a state of hibernation. Unlike nine years earlier, there weren't any personal or artistic differences, though.
Änglagård began recording a new studio album in the summer of 2011 ("Viljans &Oml;ga", released in summer 2012) and played some concerts before a new line-up (with half of the original members on board) emerged in the autumn of 2012. Several concerts ensued as well as a new live album ("Prog på svenska - Live in Japan").
Before I try (and fail) to describe their music you better listen to it and judge for yourself. In the sounds-section you can find various sound samples. The history-section contains details about the band's career and its members.
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Anna Holmgren, Thomas Johnson, Jonas Engdegård, Johan Högberg, Mattias Olsson, Tord Lindman

Picture © Göran Stenberg