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This is a short interview with Linus Kåse.
(May 2014)

Why did you join Änglagård?
Linus Kåse
I like the band's music and Tord called me and said that the keyboard seat was vacant. I'm a prog fan and I enjoy playing music that I actually like.

Why isn't the live album also released on DVD?
Linus Kåse
It didn't happen this time. We will certainly do it in the future with hundreds of cameras in various angles.

What's your favourite way to begin a rehearsal?
Linus Kåse
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!

In which country are you most eager to play a concert with Änglagård?
Linus Kåse

How does it sound in your ear when foreigners pronounce Swedish song titles (or band names, for that matter)?
Linus Kåse
It sounds Swed-ish.

Which Änglagård song would you play to someone who hasn't heard the band yet?
Linus Kåse

Which band member is most likely to wear socks that do not match?
Linus Kåse
Me me me!!

What is your favourite mode of travelling?
Linus Kåse
When flying abroad I prefer being exhausted so that I can have a drink and fall asleep.

Which is your favourite Genesis album?
Linus Kåse
It's equal between "Wind & Wuthering", "Duke" and "Genesis".

Do you think that Erik will one day become a singer, step to the front of the stage, and turn into an pop star playing soft '80s ballads?
Linus Kåse
Yes, that will probably happen quite soon. He's in the studio right now recording a cover version of "Lady in Red" with Änglagård as backing band.

I guess I have to ask a question about the future, so: Where do you see Änglagård two weeks from now?
Linus Kåse
Then you can see Änglagård in Mexico City.