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This is a short interview with Jonas Engdegård.
(July 2021)

What did you eat for breakfast today?
Toast with ham, cheese and very thin slices of cucumber. Tea (Earl Grey).

Will there be a new Änglagård album this year?
I'd like to here bring up the possibility of Betelgeuse going supernova in the near future. It's hard to predict accurately in time. One can further assume that the probability for any of those events happening this year is low.

Which band member did you last meet in person?
I met with Mattias, Johan and Thomas in April. It was cold, rainy and Corona-safe.

How many Mellotron do you have?
None. Mellotrons are for people who can't play the guitar... ;-)

Is it true that there was a fifth song recorded for "Viljans Öga" that was only 2:59 minutes long and deemed too commercial/catchy to be included on the album?
Sure, but we only discarded it because the drum machine broke.

What was it like to play Änglagård music live with All Traps on Earth?
Always a pleasure! I haven't got tired of performing with Jordrök yet.

What if the Genesis management offered 500.000 pounds/dollars/euros to Änglagård for being the opening band of their first upcoming reunion concert?
Well... Money isn't what solves problems in Änglagård. Btw, are you talking about Genesis or Änglagård reunion concert here...?