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Live - Made in Norway


Introvertus fugu part 1 (9:03)
Höstsejd (12:22)
Längtans klocka (16:25)
Jordrök (12:51)
Sorgmantel (15:04)
Vandringar i vilsenhet (13:09)
El Impetu del Bosque (6:55)
Kung Bore (17:31)
Sista somrar (17:18)

DVD+Blu-ray (2016) (Änglagård Records) AGR-L001 /


Linus Kåse: Hammond B3, piano, Rhodes, Mini Moog, Mellotron, soprano saxophone and vocals
Erik Hammarström: drums, vibraphone, glockenspiel, cran casa and percussion
Jonas Engdegärd: electric guitar and acoustic guitar
Anna Holmgren: flute, tenor saxophone, Mellotron, melodica, recorder, percussion and balloons
Tord Lindman: electric guitar, vocals, gong and percussion
Johan Brand: bass, Moog Miniatur and bass pedals

Bonus Content: Picture Gallery
Package contains DVD and Blu-ray with identical tracklist
Recorded at Musikkflekken, Sandvika, Norway, February 21, 2015
Concert audio production and mixing / Front of House: Alar Suurna
Video editing and post-production: Martin Gustafson
Audio recording: Dag Stephen Solberg (Lydverket)
El Impetu del Bosque is a drum solo.