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The newsletter is defunct. It was only sent out twice (once in 2008 and once in 2012). Eventually, the technical hassles were too much of a burden and the fun part was, well, not enough fun. Check out the last newsletter below for details.

Anglagard Newsletter 2:

Short version:

The band is alive (again)! Yes, as in "new album coming up" and "concert dates"! In terms of old news, Epilog has been re-released (again). Also: This newsletter will be discontinued.

Long version:

NEW ALBUM: Anglagard have been busy recording a new album. There no release date yet (or label or name or cover), but Spring/Summer 2012 should be a good guess. A documentary about the making of the album is being made; the first part can be watched at http://vimeo.com/36273489.

CONCERTS: Anglagard have already confirmed a couple of live dates for 2012. Check out the details below and follow the links for ticket details.
June 23rd, NEARfest, Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA http://www.nearfest.com
April 28th, Gouveia Art Rock 2012, Teatro-Cine, Gouveia, Portugal http://www.gaudela.net/gar
EITHER October 20th OR December 1st, Freakshow Festival, Würzburg, Germany http://www.freakshow-in-concert.com

COFFEE: Yes, please.

EPILOG RE-RELEASE: This already happened back in April 2010. Epilog is available over at http://www.alvarsdotter.com - "This edition has a three-fold digipack with beautiful artwork printed in copper with relief. It also includes an additional CD, containing a bonus track "Rösten". Rösten was written in 1993 but recorded in 2008-2009", says the band.

NEWSLETTER: A look at the previous item raises the question why I haven't sent out a newsletter earlier? Shame on me. The technical side of this newsletter is, well, manual. Also, the recent band activities kind of require somewhat regular newsletters. So I decided to bury the newsletter (this includes deleting your email addresses, no unsubscribing required). Sorry for any inconvenience. I suggest you visit http://www.anglagard.net from time to time to stay in the loop. For frequent updates directly from the band, please visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anglagard/96663521222 - and for those of you who don't like frequent updates, there is the official band website at http://www.anglagardrecords.com

Thanks for your interest in Anglagard,
Jutze (the anglagard.net webguy - not directly affiliated with the band)