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Mattias Olsson playing guitar    Anna Holmgren playing saxophone    Mattias playing percussions    Thomas Johnson playing keyboards    Jonas Engdegård talking    Mattias playing drums    Anna playing stylophone    Anna, Mattias and Johan    Jonas, Thomas and Anna    Jonas and Thomas    Mattias and Johan    Jonas and Thomas    Anna playing flute    Jonas playing guitar    Mattias playing drums    Anna playing theremin    Thomas    Anna playing melodica    Johan    Anna    Johan    The stage    Thomas, Jonas    Johan    Johan    Thomas, Jonas   

The last eight pictures © Thomas Walldén.
All other pictures © Petter Sundlöf.
Visit http://findus.dhs.org/~odd/Anglagard_live_at_Mondo_Stockholm_2003-06-11 for more pictures. If you want high quality versions of some of these photos, feel free to send him an email.