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This is a short interview with Alar Suurna, the band's live mixer who also mixed the last couple of records.
(July 2023)

As far as I know, the first time you collaborated with one of Änglagård's musicians was the mix of the "Judas" single by Mattias Olsson's and Andreas Morland's pop project Geller. How did you meet the band members? Were you already familiar with their music?
As far as I recall I met Mattias the first time when he asked me if I could join Änglagård as a mixer/sound engineer on the Nearfest in Trenton, New Jersey in 2003. As for Änglagård I had never heard of them before. So no, I wasn't familiar with their music, but I got all excited as soon as I heard the amazing sound of the group!

How far did Roger Skogh's production of the first two Änglagård albums influence your work on "Viljans Öga"?
Oh, he had done a great job on the albums and that gave me a good idea on where their music was heading. However, as the music on "Viljans Öga" had a darker touch I tried to enhance that in the mixing. I tried to implement my own ideas in the process, and I was partly successful although mixing a group like this always inflicts a certain degree of compromises. :-) But overall I'm really happy with the result!

If you compare the process of mixing the studio album "Viljans Öga" with the mixing of the "Prog på Svenska" live album, what were the similarities and the differences for these two projects?
There's always a difference between mixing a live performance compared to a studio production. Live is a different beast, with its advantages and drawbacks. The pros are that you have an audience and a venue that enhances the feel of the music and gives it an extra "edge". Not always true but in Änglagård's case I think so. The cons would be maybe that certain musical parts don't turn out exactly as intended, but hey, that could also be an advantage...

Which band member needs the most channels on your live mixing desk?
He he, that would obviously be Mattias with his drums and all kinds of weird percussion. :-) But the keyboards are not far behind!

Alar Suurna