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Wednesday, December 18th 2002
Check out the sounds-section for a Christmas present (almost a week too early...), namely the demo version of "Kung Bore"! Please note that the song is only available for a short time, since the file is really huge and my webspace limited after all. Also keep in mind that it's a demo. The album-version actually sounds much better!

Tuesday, December 17th 2002
Brighteye Brison, a Swedish prog rock band, just released their new album. Mattias Olsson has done some keyboard treatments and additional sounds on a couple of tracks. Orchestron, Mellotron and some other old keyboards were recorded in his studio earlier this year. You can visit the band's homepage at http://www.brighteyebrison.com.
Speaking of the studio, you can find some moody pictures and further information on the following page: http://www.geocities.co.jp/HeartLand-Asagao/7669/photo.html.

Sunday, December 15th 2002
Today I have but old news. But well, better old news than no news at all! Johan Högberg actually changed his last name when he married some years ago. So now he's called Johan Brand. And just like Mattias he became father of a little girl some weeks ago! :-)

Monday, December 9th 2002
In case you feel like surfing, here are some pages from all over the world that contain Änglagård-related material (I will add at least some of them to the links-section later this week):
Tarkus: http://www.tarkus.org
Progarchives.com: http://www.progarchives.com
Portugal progressivo: http://www.gaudela.net/portugalprog
The last human site: http://www.watcher.cl

Friday, December 6th 2002
Remember http://www.ghostland.com? It's a great site, but kinda addictive. I mean, yesterday I spent 20 minutes hitting the refresh-button of my browser again and again, just to read all those fascinating random quotes! In that time I could have made this update...
So what's new around here, anyway? Nothing, I guess. I just felt like updating. In fact, I was tempted to write some off-topic stuff, like promoting other great bands or maybe a certain actress. But hey, this here is a homepage about Änglagård, who are still rehearsing, writing new material and drinking coffee (well, at least Mattias is)!

Sunday, December 1st 2002
Kung Bore lever! Just added some snow to the logo and decreased the font size on all pages. Finally, there's also a concerts-section! Some dates are still missing, but all future gigs will be listed there. I hope you don't find the yellow too annoying.
If the previously mentioned yellow has hurt your eyes, you better not search for the "Hybris"-Review at http://www.hippy.com, a quite colourful site.

Thursday, November 28th 2002
The news-section of http://www.ghostland.com features Änglagård's reunion for quite a while now. But somehow I failed to notice it until now. Oops.
Since it has now been announced on a couple of official homepages, it's hopefully no mistake to mention that on November 6th Mattias Olsson became father of a girl! :-)

Friday, November 22nd 2002
You have probably already noticed that I added the upcoming show(s) to the opening page as a permanent feature. Well, I'm just too lazy to create a separate live-section! :-p
Speaking of live-shows, on expose.org I've discovered an enthusiastic review of Änglagård's appearance at Progfest '93. Have fun searching it!
Further, I got a very nice email from Kazakhstan (world wide web indeed!) from one of the people who contributed to the previously mentioned message board-thread, saying that they "were neither insulting the band, nor praising the Beatles :)" Hehe, thanks!

Wednesday, November 20th 2002
The debut of Nanook of the North ("The Täby Tapes") will be released first on cassette in Italy on a label called Best Kept Secret. The people behind the music are Mattias Olsson and Olle Söderström (Pineforest Crunch), plus a lot of guest musicians. The album was recorded at Mattias' Roth Hände studios this year. All ten songs were mixed by Alar Suurna at Shortlist Analogue, wherever that may be. Mattias described the music as eskimo rock...

Tuesday, November 19th 2002
A couple of messages from Mattias Olsson can be found in the guestbook of the old Änglagård-homepage. He mainly writes about the songwriting-process and the chemistry within the band. My favourite line would be "I remember being almost beaten up for liking the Beatles... as they weren't prog." But since this is a homepage about Änglagård, I won't praise the Beatles now (although I watched "Help!" on Saturday and liked it a lot). Anyway, I've discovered an old news-item on http://www.geocities.com/progressforum/p-2002-05-24.html#4, in case you bother.

Thursday, November 14th 2002
So now it's official: Änglagård are going to play at next year's NEARfest! The festival will take place at the Trenton War Memorial near Philadelphia in the USA on June 28th and 29th, 2003. The band will play as the 4th band on Sunday's bill. Please visit http://www.nearfest.com for further details. This is really happening!

Wednesday, November 6th 2002
No news today. Just some slightly update info from Jonas Engdegård about himself and Anna Holmgren, which can be found at the bottom of the history-section.

Monday, October 29th 2002
Jonas Engdegård kindly answered some question I had sent his way. Click here for the interview. Thank you, Jonas!
Apparently the 1000th visitor has been to Anglagard.net some time last week. Cool! I'm glad that this site is received so well. So thank you all!

Wednesday, October 23rd 2002
The original Änglagård-homepage has surprisingly been updated with a guestbook! There is a also a news item about the band's reunion on http://www.progressiveworld.net (including a link to this site, thanks for that!).

Monday, October 21st 2002
Three more pictures, once again taken by Mattias Olsson...

Wednesday, October 16th 2002
Looks like Wednesday is my updating day. Well, since Monday there's been quite a lot traffic on this site. This was due to numerous links on news sites and in mailing lists, like Prog http://www.progressiveears.com and Other http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ProgAndOther/message/16778, from fans of the Flower Kings http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flowerkingsmail/message/22905, from places like Japan http://messages.yahoo.co.jp/bbs?.mm=MU&...&mid=1007 and Poland http://www.caladan.art.pl/njusy.php! Wow - thank you all!
In other news, Mattias Olsson posted an interesting message on the Pineforest Crunch-board.

Wednesday, October 9th 2002
Some pictures taken by Mattias Olsson...

Monday, October 7th 2002
Here it is: Anglagard.net 1.1! The content is pretty much the same, but I hope the site is more accessible now. Some brand new pictures will be added soon!

Wednesday, October 2nd 2002
Stay tuned for a slightly revised layout in about a week or two. Click here for a recent, very detailed interview with Mattias Olsson.

Wednesday, September 18th 2002
Great news: I just received the word from Mattias Olsson that the band is rehearsing again these days! He says: "Wether it is an annoying nostalgia thing or an actual effort time will tell." Tord Lindman is not going to be playing with the band.

Friday, June 7th 2002
I've found a couple of demo recordings which are probably the tracks from the demo tape recorded in April 1992. I added the demo version of "Jordrök" to the sounds-section. The beginning is quite different from the album version and I don't think Anna Holmgren is playing on it.

Thursday, April 11th 2002
The homepage is online! I'm aware that navigating through the pages is only possible through the links at the bottom of each page. I couldn't come up with a solution yet, but I'll be working on it. Anyway, I hope that this site maybe brings some attention to Änglagård and their music and that you enjoy your stay here on Anglagard.net - take care!

Wednesday, March 13th 2002
Today I launched the first raw version of the site. Mainly to show those who's permission I need what the site is going to look like. Let's hope they like it, so that I can move over to Anglagard.net as soon as possible.

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