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Thursday, December 21st 2006
No news, only a short sign of life. Merry Christmas everybody. I'll set up a mailing list for Änglagård-related news, early next year. Hopefully, 2007 will bring some news.

Monday, September 4th 2006
Thomas Johnson started playing with a band in England called Thieves' Kitchen. They're currently working on material for a new album.

Tuesday, August 15th 2006
No reactions from the band so far. I just want to mention that I shut down the guestbook for the time being due to trouble with spam. All entries are still there, of course. I removed the email-addresses, though. Reading through all the entries made since September 2003 was really an experience - very fascinating to have people from all over the world share their views...
I've also closed the live album petition - which has received well over 1100 signatures. Yet another amazing thing! Thanks to everyone who contributed by signing, commenting and promoting it!

Thursday, June 29th 2006
Finally, I sent the petition to the band. More than 875 people have signed it. I think that's quite impressive. Thank you all!
Hats of to Frank, Dale, Norm and whoever was involved - they attended this year's NEARFest last weekend and brought along a couple of laptops to promote the petition and to have people sign it on location. That's really awesome! I'll keep the petition open for a few more days, partly because new people keep signing it, partly because I'm not really sure how it will look once I closed it. (It should be okay, and then disappear after 100 days.)
I will update this place as soon as I get some feedback from Änglagård.

Friday, June 9th 2006
If you haven't read about the live album petition please check out the previous update.
Mattias Olsson posted some video snippets a little while ago, including excerpts from the two "new" songs:

Tuesday, May 23rd 2006
Anybody who is eager to add his or her voice to the call for an Änglagård live release can now sign a petition at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/anglagar/petition.html! Feel free to add a short comment when you're signing, for example:
  • A few words showing your appreciation for the band and the music. This also helps to show that there's a real person behind the online signature who is fond of Änglagård's music.
  • You can comment on what kind of release you'd fancy (e.g., at least the new tracks, vinyl, live with all flaws, anything at all).
  • If you saw Änglagård at NEARfest 2003 you can add a short comment on the memories of that evening.
  • If you are willing to contribute some money for the production you can state a preliminary amount - without obligation, just to get a rough idea.
On June 29th, 2006 - exactly three years after their NEARfest-show - the petition will be forwarded to the band. Let's hope this has an effect and helps to move the band to share some more of their wonderful music with us, their fans!
PS: Please be polite and honest. Do not annoy other people by blindly posting this on your company's intranet or on the mini trucker mailing list.
Short update: More than 150 people have signed the petition during the first 24 hours! I think that's really amazing. :-)

Saturday, May 20th 2006
There have been some developments since my last update. Mattias Olsson is now aware of the continuing demand for a release of live material from 2003, but warns that "when it comes to matters like these Änglagård is a Slug on Valium."
The "Let's try and move Anglagard w/love, logic & energy"-thread over at the Progressive Ears message board is still very much alive. By now it contains a variety of opinions. All of them share a positive notion for a new live album. In addition to that there will probably be some kind of petition list up soon. There you can also note what kind of release you'd fancy (e.g., at least the new tracks, vinyl, live with all flaws, anything at all). Those who are willing to contribute some money for the production can state a preliminary amount (without obligation, just to get a rough idea). I'm optimistic that the whole thing will have the same positive and honest vibe that the aforementioned message board-thread has in abundance.

Thursday, May 3rd 2006
Recently, I got the following message from Steve Vale:
"I want the band to know how much their music means to me and so many other I know. I saw their NEARFest 2003 show and I was so moved by both their performance and the audience's reaction to their appearance and performance.
I want to encourage the band in the strongest terms possible to please authorize either an official release of this show and/or permission for free trade of the show.
Without that, it both deprives so many of a record of an historic occasion, as well as giving a clear path to illegal bootleggers who wish to profit from that night of love and enthusiasm.
In any case, I thank everyone involved for bringing this music to the world.
All the best and long live Anglagard!"

Here's what I think: Those who saw Änglagård live back in 2003 certainly remember the amazing performances of the musicians and the enthusiasm of the audiences. Sadly, the band never made any studio recordings after those five shows. At the moment it's impossible to say whether the band finds the time and motivation to either record a new studio album or play any concerts. Hence, the only realistic option for fans (those who witnessed the band's resurrection as well as those who didn't/couldn't) to hear some new Änglagård-material seems to be the release of a live recording, possibly from the NEARFest-performance. Rob and Chad (who organize NEARFest and got the band reformed back in 2002) have the master and could release an album (be it the whole show or just a selection including the two new songs) through NEARFest Records (see the previous update for related info). They are in contact with the band and keep knocking on their door every so often. I consider this a very good thing.
The band strongly disapproves of bootlegs and tape trading of their shows. A sudden change of mind in that issue (i.e., giving a "permission for free trade of the show" as Steve put it) would surprise me a lot. I think, an official release is much more likely, even though it would require some kind of mixing and maybe fixing and tweaking, mastering and all that stuff. (Some money might be needed for the production. If that becomes a problem, some kind of pre-order financing might help.) It's likely there'd still be some flaws given the Mellotron triple attack, the heat of the moment, etc. In other words, the main reason there hasn't been a "Buried Alive Again"-album seems to be the band's perfectionism. Finally, the demand for such a release might be small(er than me and you as fans expect it to be), after all. However, the recent editions of the two studio albums are once again sold out (or at least hardly available).

You can find Steve's message along with further comments in the guestbook and over at http://www.progressiveears.com (you might have to scroll down and/or check the first few pages of the main board). Please add your opinion at one (or both) of these places (and refrain from filling the band members' email inboxes). Maybe our voices can help to convince the band.

Tuesday, January 17th 2006
Happy New Year everybody! Änglagård contributed "Gånglåt från Knapptibble" (apparently an old song) to "After The Storm", a double album to help support the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. It's set for release today. There are many other cool bands involved, as well. Please visit http://afterthestorm.nearfestrecords.com for details and ordering information!

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