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Friday, December 26th 2008
Late(st) news: Änglagård might release the NEARfest 2003 live recording. I spoke with Thomas Johnson back in November and he said "it's not impossible." This statement certainly implies no warranty and no date of any kind. It's apparently not going to come out in time for Christmas 2008. Sorry to everyone who had that on their wish list. As a more realistic wish for 2009 I recommend Änglagård t-shirts. No promises here, either. But it might just happen. Sooner or (more likely) later.

Sunday, September 28th 2008
Summer came and went - and still no re-releases. Yesterday, Mattias Olsson blogged about a reunion with Johan Brand, Jonas Engdegård and Tord Lindman (including a picture), which took place last Wednesday in his studio. Although the name Änglagård is not mentioned, it is rather obvious. Still, I cannot say whether they've been recording new material or something like a Spandau Ballet tribute album.
In other news, Thomas Johnson is playing some gigs with Thieves' Kitchen in the U.K., Germany, Belgium, and France this fall. As for current gigs of Mattias Olsson's bands/projects (mainly in Stockholm), please check out his MySpace profile.

Wednesday, May 7th 2008
Some people wrote me about Amazon.com, which lists the old albums with a new release date (April 29, 2008) - but marked as out of stock. Now there are two reasonable possibilities that come to my mind:
a) the band moved faster than its shadow and the re-releases are already on their way;
b) some more or less automatic process on Amazon.com refreshed the (outdated) offers.
While option a) would be cool and very appreciated, option b) seems more realistic to me for a number of reasons.
- the same "updated" release date can be found for Reminder's "Broken Tone" album, for which no re-release is planned;
- I would like to think that the band would notify me if a) was true;
- the offers should pop up at various mailorders, not just on Amazon.com.
This being said, I'd like to thank everybody who added the Änglagård MySpace profile as friend. It is appreciated! If you haven't already done so, you might also like to check out the MySpace profiles of Anna Holmgren, Tord Lindman and Thieves' Kitchen (from their recently released album "The Water Road") - all filled with rather new music.

Monday, April 21st 2008
Yesterday, Mattias Olsson wrote in his MySpace blog about the Änglagård's plans to reissue their old albums: "Last night we had a meeting with my old band Änglagård to try to decide about how we are to proceed with re pressings of our old albums. We released two studio albums in the early 90s and then we put out a live album (of course). These albums have been out of print for a long time and now we are trying to decide in what format and in what kind of constellation the business side of things will take form...
We have a couple of different alternatives up in the air but for once we actually have a deadline. Within a week we have to make up our minds. I'll keep you posted on developments."

Tuesday, March 11th 2008
Anna Holmgren, Jonas Engdegård and Johan Brand are working together, "trying some new musical ideas that might lead to something... or not..." (Anna). Mattias Olsson wrote in his blog: "I have heard a quick ricochet and it sounds really promising. Who knows what the future brings..." Thanks to Dominik and Markus for notifying me.

In other "news", I've launched a MySpace profile for Änglagård. It is as semi-official as this website here. All updates will be posted on both sites from now on. Feel free to give me feedback - I'm sure there is some stuff that can still be improved.

Thursday, January 17th 2008
Thomas Johnson provided me with the results of the unofficial bowling tournament (which presumably took place during the recent Holidays): "in absence of one third of the band Mattias turned out to bowl most straight, thus scoring the highest, while Jonas had the most screw and Tord the most enthusiasm." Music-wise, Thomas and Thieves' Kitchen are busy with their upcoming album, scheduled for a release in spring 2007. The latest news from Mattias Olsson is probably that he actually spent more than five days away from making/producing music; but he is back on track now. Read (and hear) all about his current projects over at his MySpace page.

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