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Wednesday, December 31st 2003
Lacking any news (at least one member is currently on vacation), I've created a new poll (#7). Have fun and a happy new year!

Friday, December 19th 2003
There are still no real news from the band. However, they've met last Sunday and began thinking of possible future plans.
Anyway, I've finally found some time to take a look at the traffic data from this site. Here are some graphics for the number of visits, the most popular pages (the total number of page views was roughly twice as high as the number of visits, i.e. every viewed two pages in average), the origin of the visitors (please note that a variety of non-US providers uses .net and .com; click here for some previous poll results on the same issue) and browsers used. Please note that all data was collected only from July 10th to December 18th, 2003.

Friday, December 12th 2003
The band is still lying dormant. So no news, except for an additional setlist and a corrected date in the concerts-section.

Saturday, November 29th 2003
I've added some setlists to the concerts-section. If you happen to know any other setlists, let me know! Apparently, the ones from the gig in France and from the '94 ProgFest are still missing. I can only guess, that in France they played the same songs as in Würzburg. As for the '94 ProgFest, it is said that the "Buried Alive"-album doesn't contain all the songs played on that evening. Also, the order might be incorrect on the album, since Höstsejd and Ifrån klarhet till klarhet are switched on the video-compilation.
Another change occured in the discography: It seems as if the "Largen Demo" contained not only two but four songs. (The four which ended up on "Hybris"; Jordrök with a different beginning, Vandringar i vilsenhet without vocals.) If anyone still has the original tape, feel free to contact me with details (song order, cover design).

Saturday, November 15th 2003
Anna Holmgren chimes in with some little additions to the aforementioned lyrics. Petter also provided a revised, complete tranlation. Thansk for that!

Friday, November 14th 2003
Click here for the tentative lyrics of Gånglåt från Knapptibble. Henrik Johansson and Petter Sundlöf spend countless hours listening to the song and transcribed the words. The latter one provided a rough word by word translation as well. Please note that the Swedish language and/or Tord's singing style are very difficult to understand. So there are many parts missing.
Actually, the band themselves wasn't able to shed light on the mystery of these words. Jonas Engdegård: "I'm not sure if the lyrics of that song ever was written down in any other form than just - by hand on a piece of paper just before recording the vocals."
Thomas Johnson pointed out (what everybody else had overlooked) that the last verse is similar to the beginning of the poem to Skogsranden. He adds: "The rest of the poem for Skogsranden was supposed to be sung as well, but the melody became too complex to sing."

Wednesday, November 12th 2003
A new issue (#46) of the German Progressive Newsletter is out now! It contains a couple of live reviews; one from Belgium, one from Trenton. The latter one was written by Wolfgang Hierl, the guitar player and singer in High Wheel, who reports that Änglagård have partied, reduced the life expectancy of the technicians involved at the venue, and celebrated their music.

Tuesday, November 4th 2003
First of all, I'd like to thank you all for visiting this place from time to time. By now Anglagard.net has had more than 30,000 visitors. Wahoo!

Thursday, October 30th 2003
From Monika Baus comes the word that there are more pictures from the gig in Würzburg online at http://www.artrockpics.com.

Saturday, October 25th 2003
Thomas Walldén sent me some more pictures from the gig in Stockholm. I've added them to this gallery. Thanks for that contribution!
Since most of you would like to hear a solo from Anna Holmgren (according to Poll Number 5), I've created a small new poll to figure out on which instrument she should play it... (UPDATE) and here are the results.

Thursday, September 25th 2003
Learning German, Lesson 1: http://www.ragazzi-music.de/artrock03_live.html provides a nice report of the Freakshow Festival in Würzburg.
Learning German, Lesson 2: http://www.babyblaue-seiten.de/album_29.html features some new reviews, all giving "Epilog" 15 out of 15 points! Cool.

Thursday, September 18th 2003
Finally... "Epilog" has arrived at the Exergy office and it actually has the right colours and all... Check http://www.exergy-music.se for details and placing orders.
Click here for the promised interview with Mattias Olsson and Jonas Engdegård. It was conducted by and appears courtesy of http://www.progressia.net. Thanks a lot to Julien Monsenego!
And Poll Number 5 is still waiting for your votes.

Tuesday, September 16th 2003
Click here for a cool Prog-résiste-poll of the 100 best prog albums (from 1980-1999) originally published in 2000. It was assembled by 23 collectors' votes. And guess who's number one! Thanks to Jérôme Haas for sharing this with me and you.
I've added ten more pictures from Belgium to this gallery, including the first picture ever of Anna playing tambourine! Hooray for her and Olivier Vermaut, the latter one for taking the photos.

Saturday, September 13th 2003
As promised, here's a new poll! It deals with the recent concerts and your reactions to it. I hope those who weren't there find it acceptable as well. Click here to take a look at the results of the previous poll. If anybody cares, Jonas and sometimes Mattias get to the rehearsal room by bike. I'm a bit shocked, that there are so few reasonable and passionate people prefering "Return of the Jedi". Well, a bunch of savages in this town...
Furthermore, "Epilog" seems to become available within the next few days according to Exergy. As for this homepage, I'm looking forward to have a new interview online soon.
Meanwhile, both studio albums got mentioned in a "Out Of This Wold 1990-2002"-poll at Progwereld. "Hybris" reached #17, "Epilog" managed to climb to #43. You can view the whole list at http://www.progwereld.org/progvizier/wereldsetoenbrons.htm.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2003
Even more pictures! I was told by Danny that there are some fine shots from the gig at the Spirit of 66 over at http://www.prog-nose.org. Also, I've added a selection of those terrific photos from http://www.progpix.com to the pictures-section.
Then there's a (Dutch) review of the show in Belgium up at http://www.progwereld.org/concert-recensies/anglagardlive.htm. Thanks to Herman Permentier for that. On http://www.progressive-pages.de you can now find two new reviews (in German) of both studio albums, one even being the review of the month!
Apart from that I've changed and revised a few little things all over the site, like adding links to the concerts-section and updating the history a bit.

Saturday, August 30th 2003
Pictures galore! Thanks to Frank Möckel and JN Del Castillo for providing more photos from the shows in Belgium respectively France. There are also a couple of pictures from the soundcheck in France and from after the gig at the Spirit of 66 with the band members signing, talking and drinking. That's a welcome change imho, because the live pictures alone might become a bit repetitive.
Speaking of the Spirit of 66, there's a huge report (in French) in the guestbook of its homepage about Änglagård and their concert as well as my personal account (in English) of the show.
Finally, even more pictures can be found at http://www.progpix.com. Thanks to Serge Llorente for taking them and for telling me about it!

Thursday, August 28th 2003
Click here for the first pictures from the gig at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers! Thanks go out to Rick and Margot. I especially like this picture of Mattias in action.

Wednesday, August 27th 2003
Back from Belgium. I suggest you take a look at the Guestbook for comments concerning the recent concerts. Click here for the first pictures from France, provided by Francisco. Thank you! More photos will follow soon.
In other news, the frequently asked questions have been modified with the latest news directly from the band. Sad but true, the band members are currently taking a break from Änglagård, focusing on their regular jobs, families and other things (e.g., Mattias recording with Pineforest Crunch, Thomas tuning some more Mellotrons). However, the band didn't split up like back in 1994, when there were huge personal conflicts. So there is a chance that they will play more concerts in the future and maybe also record some new material.

Tuesday, August 19th 2003
Das Grauen hat einen Namen... Änglagård (i.e. Anna Holmgren) made it on the cover of the latest issue (#45) of the German Progressive Newsletter. It contains a review of the Artrock Festival in Würzburg among others.
While the band is presumably rehearsing for the upcoming shows (see above!), I proudly present the first piece of Änglagård-fan fiction ever! Click here to read how John Hagelbarger explained the band's connection to the 1970s. Cool stuff.

Tuesday, August 12th 2003
Those of you who missed the interview on http://www.progressivesoundscapes.com can now listen to it at their interview library! Mattias and Jonas talked about NEARfest, the reunion and a possible new album (still not making any promises).

Sunday, August 3rd 2003
Exergy are still having some trouble with the new prints of the "Epilog"-album due to them not being there (yet). I'm having some trouble because I'm going to write a couple of exams next week. So I might not be updating this place for a little while (read: for one week).
"All Jedi had was a bunch of Muppets." Seems like a tie between the two movies. Click here for the preliminary results of Poll Number 4.

Tuesday, July 29th 2003
I got the word from Dave Kulju that http://www.progressivesoundscapes.com will air an interview with the band this Saturday at 9 PM EDT. It will be followed by a couple of hours of Änglagård's music.
From Bill K. I got some more NEARfest-pictures, which I added to this gallery.
I've closed Poll Number 2 at last. Click here for the final results. And despite a lack of contributions from other people, I've created Poll Number 4. Have fun!

Sunday, July 27th 2003
Änglagård are...
f) ...mentioned in a recent interview with Rich Williams, guitarist extrordinaire for the multi-platinum band Kansas. You can read it at http://www.jsonline.com/onwisconsin/music/jul03/157621.asp. The Änglagård-blurb appears towards the end. Many thanks to Mike K. for telling me about it!

Thursday, July 24th 2003
Änglagård are...
a) ...on vacation.
b) ...rehearsing for the upcoming concerts.
c) ...recording a new album.
d) ...weird.
e) ...abducted by aliens.
Unfortunately, I don't know the correct answer. Thus, I don't have any news to share with you. However, this update isn't entirely pointless. Obviously, I've been thinking about a new poll. But I'm afraid I can't think of any new questions. (The only one I've come up with is "Which season do you associate with Änglagård's music?") So if you have any suggestions for future polls drop me a line! (I can't promise I'll use or comment every submission. Unless it's Star Wars-related. ;-)
On a side note, the re-release of "Hybris" contains the additional track "Gånglåt från Knapptibble", whereas "Epilog" contains the original six tracks.

Friday, July 18th 2003
I haven't been updating this place for over a week simply because there wasn't anything new under the Änglagård-sun. But now there is. There's a detailed NERAfest-review on http://www.progressiveworld.net.
Check out the NEARfest-homepage for this year's Scrapbook with setlist details and pictures. More photos can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nearfestphotos.
Finally, details concerning the upcoming shows are now available at the links mentioned above.

Thursday, July 10th 2003
Finally! Both studio albums ("Hybris" and "Epilog") are available through Exergy Music. Visit http://www.exergy-music.se for details.
Last, but by no means least, remember the upcoming show at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers, Belgium, on Monday, August 25th. You better not miss it!

Wednesday, July 9th 2003
The upcoming show in Belgium on the 25th of August has just been confirmed. It will take place at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers. Many thanks to Francis Geron for that!
In other news, there are some more NEARfest-photos available on http://www.mikemontfort.com. Click here for the final results of the NEARfest-poll. In fact, most of you were right about the vegetarians in the band.

Monday, July 7th 2003
Check out the pictures-section for some cool photos from NEARfest courtesy of Jeff Sandt!
Dave Kulju from http://www.progressivesoundscapes.com told me that they have got some (really beautiful) pictures of Änglagård on their homepage. (Once you enter the main site head for the NF03 Scrapbook-link.) An interview with Mattias and Jonas is supposed to be broadcasted there, sooner or later.

Friday, July 4th 2003
Added a page with some of Stephanie's pictures (see previous update), plus a couple of pictures of Anna signing an owl...
That's all for now, although I do hope that there will be more pictures soon. If you have some nice photos of the band at NEARfest you'd like to share, feel free to mail me!

Tuesday, July 1st 2003
Just a quick morning update: Visit http://www.progressiveworld.net/nearfest2003_preview.html for some neat pictures from NEARfest taken by Stephanie Sollow. A first review of the show by Dan Layman-Kennedy can be found at http://maestro23.blogspot.com.

Monday, June 30th 2003
NEARfest 2003 is over. Thus I took down yesterday's update, which wasn't much inspiring. Pictures and reviews should be available soon. A first comment about Änglagård's performance from the NEARfest Forum sounds quite promising: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J#s*s they were good. Thanks, Rob, fer lettin' 'em play a little bit longer :)))))"

Saturday, June 28th 2003
There's no use in denying. I ran out of material. It seems that I've used everything I had in the previous updates. I'm sorry. :-(
Anyway, today is the first day of this year's NEARfest. Hooray! 1 day to go...

Friday, June 27th 2003
One more day until NEARfest, yet two more days until Änglagård will play there. So let's carry on with our NEARfest-Countdown. The recent headline was taken from one of these "Things you'll never hear on a musician's tour Bus"-lists. Just type it into Google to find more of that funny stuff, like "Oh no, you don't! It's my turn to clean the bathroom." or "Boys, I can't wait till we get to Omaha!"
Speaking of the drummer, check out the guestbook for a message from Mattias Olsson. If you ever wondered what I look like, click here for a picture of myself with Anna Holmgren and Johan Brand. It was taken by Exergy's Mattias after the gig in Stockholm two weeks ago.
Last, but definitely not least, I did this short interview with Thomas Johnson, just before the band left Sweden. 2 days to go...

Thursday, June 26th 2003
I haven't received many votes yesterday, so let me repeat myself: Poll Number 3 is all about the upcoming NEARfest. Okay, it's a bit silly. But next week it will be gone! Only the results will remain. At the moment, most people believe that Thomas is the vegetarian in the band. Actually, most people guess that all the band members eat meat, I know. But come on, how can you possibly eat something that used to have eyes, and in many cases also a name!? Just keep this in mind when voting...
Again, I have a review in a foreign language for you. In fact, it was written by myself in German. So head over to http://www.vampster.com/artikel/show/?id=9193 to read how I experienced the reunion-gig in Stockholm.
Of course, Anglagard.net is in English, and some English stuff would be nice for a change. Unfortunately, I don't have anything. Hopefully, things will be a bit different after NEARfest. 3 days to go...

Wednesday, June 25th 2003
Welcome to the third round of the ultimate NEARfest-Countdown! Today's headline was taken from the infamous page http://www.glitzycape.free-online.co.uk/anal6.html.
From Marcello Marinone I got the news, that there's an Italian review of the show in Würzburg on http://www.agarthaprog.com, including a small picture and lots of words neither I (with some distant memories of the Latin I learned at school) nor Google's translator understood. But it seems to be neat and positive. :-) From Monika Baus I got some more (not so small) pictures of the same show. I've added them to this gallery. Thanks a lot for the contributions! 4 days to go...

Tuesday, June 24th 2003
Anglagard.net's NEARfest-Countdown is still going strong. As you can see, I've changed the line beneath the logo. I'll actually keep doing so until Sunday, yet another reason to visit Anglagard.net daily! Today's line stems from the recent issue of Nöjesguiden (http://www.nojesguiden.se/klubb/article.asp?aID=8627&txt=änglagård), a free monthly magazine that announced the Stockholm-gig with these 8 words - and 4 exclamation marks!
At http://mitkadem.homestead.com/files/events/wurzburg_festival.html you can find a detailed review in Hebrew of the Freakshow Artrock Festival. Hopefully, it's a positive one. But I think I talked to the author in Würzburg - and he seemed to be very happy with the gig! For those who just like me (and unlike Natalie Portman) don't understand the language, there are still some pictures from various inlays at http://mitkadem2.homestead.com/anglagard_pics.html to look at (thanks to Umberto for pointing it out).
Unfortunately, there are no news concerning the re-issues of the two studio albums. I can only repeat myself by saying that there is still some trouble to be sorted out.
Anyway, no need to despair! There is still Poll Number 3 (aka the ever-happy NEARfest Poll) waiting for your vote. Click here for the some results. In other news, I've updated the links-section with some neat new stuff. 5 days to go...

Monday, June 23rd 2003
Welcome everybody to Anglagard.net's NEARfest-Countdown! For the next seven days there will be daily updates, specials, pictures, fun and many other things. For example, a new poll! Poll Number 3 was especially devised for this occasion. If you found the previous poll stupid, you'll hate this one, I guess.
Further, I proudly present the promised photos from the show in Würzburg! On the last picture you can see not only Frank, who sent me the pictures (thanks!), but also Anna and Johan, who wear the new shirts I was talking about in a recent update.
That's all for today, but tomorrow I'll be back with more exciting stuff. So stay tuned for more NEARfest-madness. 6 days to go...

Friday, June 20th 2003
It's time for the first pictures from the Freakshow Artrock Festival in Würzburg last Saturday! Click here for some moody pictures courtesy of Kristian Selm. All Thomas Johnson-fans should click here for a picture of him and a Mellotron, taken on the day after the show by Frank Möckel. Actually, it's just a teaser. There'll be more pictures, soon.

Tuesday, June 17th 2003
Petter Sundlöf and Robin Forsberg gave me their kind permission to add some of their photos to the pictures-section. Further, there are some more pictures of the Stockholm-gig courtesy of Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug. Thanks a lot!
Also, Poll Number 2 is still there. Click here for some first, preliminary results. Surprisingly, 19 other people beside me think that Natalie Portman rules! Cool.

Sunday, June 15th 2003
Last night... Änglagård... Würzburg... fantastic gig... happy faces all around...
Sorry for not updating the page properly last week. Apparently, I've been away from my computer and my internet connection. I will reply to the emails I got as soon as possible. But first, I need some sleep. I will also write more about both concerts and everything. Like the almost unstoppable applause or Thomas losing his glasses while playing!
Yesterday, the new edition of "Epilog" was finally available at the concert. Please note, that it doesn't contain any bonus tracks. However, it comes as a cool digipack. There is still some trouble with the cover, so presumably the first 100 copies (many of them sold in Würzburg) will have a much brighter cover than originally intended. In addition to that, black t-shirts with a white Mellotron and the logo on the front were sold at both concerts. "Epilog" and "Hybris" will both be available at http://www.exergy-music.se in a couple of weeks. I don't know if the shirts will be offered as well.
Last Wednesday, there was a full page article about Änglagård in one of Sweden's biggest newspapers, Svenska Dagbladet (http://www.svd.se - update: I got the word that the registration on that site has a free trial mode until August 31st). Rock on!

Friday, June 13th 2003
Last night I returned from my trip to Sweden - which was the reason I didn't update this site for over a week. And what can I say!? The concert in Stockholm was incredible (or to say it in German: Weltspitzenklasse)!!! Please note that I typed three exclamation marks, something I don't do very often. Änglagård rule! I will write a more detailed review in a couple of days. Until then, just read the recent guestbook-entries and take a look at all the cool pictures various people put online:
http://marcus.wrango.com/bilder/20030611 (Marcus Wrango)
http://findus.dhs.org/~odd/Anglagard... (Petter Sundlöf)
http://goliat.mine.nu/~anekd0ten/prog/index.htm (Robin Forsberg)

Wednesday, June 4th 2003
För hela året har jag väntat på Juni, Juli, Augusti... oops, eh, sorry. All I have for you today, is a couple of message board links. Two of them are Swedish, so I don't really know what they're about in detail. Here we go:

Thursday, May 29th 2003
Just added a couple of old live shots to the pictures-section. They appear courtesy of Göran Stenberg who was so kind to scan them and send them to me. Thanks a lot!

Tuesday, May 27th 2003
Mattias Olsson chimes in with the news that Änglagård will be playing the French Crescendo Festival (http://www.festival-crescendo.com) on the 23rd of August and a gig in Belgium on the following Monday.

Monday, May 26th 2003
Here are some details on the upcoming gig in Stockholm on June 11th, courtesy of Mattias Olsson. The place Mondo is located at Medborgarplatsen in Medborgarhuset (http://www.mondostockholm.com). Doors open at 19.30. The tickets can (presumably) be purchased at Boxoffice Norrmalmstorg (http://www.boxoffice.se) or at the record store Mellotronen in Gamla Stan (http://www.mellotronen.com). Please follow the links for the locations of these places.

Thursday, May 22nd 2003
It's almost June, it's raining outside - so how about some snow!? Here is Kung Bore: http://www.algonet.se/~wschedin/kung-bore2.html. Obviously, I don't have any news to update. Sorry.

Monday, May 19th 2003
Här kommer alla känslorna på en och samma gång... oops, eh, sorry. Let's see what's new in the world of Änglagård. Åsa Eklund from Exergy Music mentioned June 11th as a tentative release date for the new edition of "Hybris". It would obviously coincide with the Stockholm-gig. Keep an eye on http://www.exergy-music.se for confirmation and have a great week!

Wednesday, May 14th 2003
For over a month, there's been the unanswered last question in the FAQ-section, i.e. "Where is Knapptibble?" Today, I finally got the mail with an answer! Hooray for Tobias, who writes "I think I know that Knapptibble is small place in the countryside near Enköping, Sweden, where Pär Lindh, of Pär Lindh Project, used to have his studio." I assume, he's right. After all, the song "Gånglåt från Knapptibble" was recorded at that place.

Tuesday, May 13th 2003
I always wanted to make a personal update. Well, here it is! First of all, Poll Number 1 is still there (and it will remain there for at least another two weeks), so if you haven't voted yet, do so now! 23 people from all over the world (two of the female, most of them actually from Sweden) participated within the first 24 hours, which isn't bad for a start, methinks. Click here for some preliminary results.
When I first glanced at this thing called internet many years ago, I searched for Änglagård (of course) and found (among others) Cliff McCarthy's Stupid Home Page. It hasn't been updated for years now, but I still like it. Obviously, it is stupid. Nevertheless, I enjoy browsing it whenever I get sick of all those animated Flash-sites and pop-up ads out there. It's pointless to mention it here, I guess. But maybe Cliff McCarthy himself is reading this. And maybe he'll smile. Or he'll just shake his head.
Anyway, keep having fun!

Monday, May 12th 2003
What good a homepage without a poll?! Finally, there's a poll-section, where there's going to be a new poll every month or so. Poll Number 1 speaks for itself, I think. Have fun!

Sunday, May 11th 2003
Änglagård are going to play yet another concert next month. This time in their hometown Stockholm. The date is June 11th, the place is called Mondo. Tickets will be available sometime, somewhere, somehow.

Friday, May 9th 2003
Check out the guestbook for a recent message from Mattias Olsson.
Check out http://www.gutsofdarkness.com for French reviews of all albums.

Tuesday, April 29th 2003
I'll be away for a couple of days. But before I go, here are news galore:
http://www.artrock-festival.de (German and English)
http://www.agarthaprog.com (Italian and English)
http://www.anglagard.net/images/anglagard2003.jpg (Swedish)

Thursday, April 24th 2003
Today I have only a couple of links to update. The first one is an interview with Mattias Olsson at http://www.bruktvinyl.no (which is no longer online) from last year. It's in Swedish, though. From what I understood, it's the usually drill about influences, the necessity of adabting to different styles as an open-minded musician, and the possible future of Änglagård.
The second link is from Israel: http://www.mitkadem.co.il. There are reviews of both studio albums. Unfortunately, I don't understand a word. But "Epilog" gets 10 out of 10 (points? tomatoes?), so hooray!
Another addition to the links-section would be The Wild Places (http://www.thewildplaces.com) - the name should sound familiar to all those who own the marvellous vinyl version of "Epilog". It seems to be still available there. So if you don't want to wait for the digital re-release...

Saturday, April 19th 2003
A couple of pictures from the current rehearsals have been added to the pictures-section. Hi-resolution versions of them are available this time as well.
There's also a new old band picture from June 1992, courtesy of Göran Stenberg.

Tuesday, April 15th 2003
Was I talking about real news the other day? Mattias Olsson writes: "Rehearsals are going great....The band's rehearsals are going into overdrive rehearsing every other day....4 songs are currently being worked on for the Nearfest gig....3 old ones and one new....Work will start on two other songs as well....Six songs in total....And we will not be taking live requests he he he....The band will be using three Mellotrons on stage....Anna will be playing both flute and saxophone as well as a Mellotron and some other ethereal keyboards (you figure it out)....Prior to the gig the band will do one show....Location isn't yet decided....Either in central Europe or in Scandinavia....More details later...."

Monday, April 14th 2003
Well, Anglagard.net is one year old now. Feel free to send in birthday presents!
Unfortunately, I've got no news at all. So I'll have a short, yet boring retrospect, instead. In the past twelve months, this site witnessed between one (April 2002) and over a hundred (April 2003) visitors per day. The site is still what it used to be in the beginning. I added a couple of additional sections along the way, but the basic structure and features remained the same. Thus, I can't say much about the site's development. Oh well, I'm rambling. Let's just hope, there'll be some real news soon. Until then, take care!

Friday, April 4th 2003
First of all, it's time to celebrate the 10,000th visitor on Anglagard.net! That's really cool.
Okay, now some Änglagård-news courtesy of Mattias Olsson: A week ago the band took some new promopics to be used for the Nearfest catalogue and interviews... He says: "It was a very cold shoot which hopefully doesn't show on the final pictures. We took the pictures at an old shipyard outside of Stockholm in the area of my studio." Meanwhile the work on the reissues is moving ahead slowly but steadily. "We are currently working on some improvements on the layout and the artdirection of the covers. Hopefully it'll go to print early April."
Finally, some Mattias Olsson-news courtesy of Mattias Olsson: He just started recording with a band called Devi. "A band somewhere between the Talking Heads and Devo....I have also started to work with Anders Nordberg a great singer songwriter in the vein of Nick Drake who we are experimenting with a very minimalist electronic production around the acoustic guitar. I am also working with Helena Karlsson, a swedish vocalist whose music is freed from genre....every song is different. From Peter Gabriel-ish pop to private eye lounge stuff...I will also start to work with Brighteye Brison again for their second album sometime this month."

Wednesday, April 2nd 2003
Well, as you've probably figured out by now, the update yesterday was an April fools joke. In case you missed it, just click here to take a look at Anglagard.net unplugged.
To make up for the irritation caused, there's a new interview with Anna Holmgren online. In other news, there's a new "Epilog"-review available at http://www.agarthaprog.com.

Friday, March 21st 2003
Kung Bore är död och våren, den nyvalde är folkets hjälte. So no more snow beneath the logo!
Åsa from Exergy Music posted on their website that the re-releases of "Hybris" and "Epilog" are supposed to be released in April respectively May this year.
I got news from Nicklas Sandström, who is the singer in Reminder. He says that the band has "rehearsed a couple of times with Thomas from Änglagård, our former keyboard player. We want Thomas to play on one of the songs which we want to record live with piano."

Tuesday, March 18th 2003
I've revised the FAQ a little bit. Sometimes my answers are kind of vague. But well, I really do not know the release date of a new studio album. No one does.
A review of "Hybris" can be found on http://www.geocities.com/keysign. Another interesting thing is this: Googlism for: anglagard
anglagard is interesting and dynamic
anglagard is one of the premier progressive outfits around
anglagard is a must on any prog collection
anglagard is much complicated
anglagard is a symphonic progressive band from sweden
anglagard is such a group
anglagard is going to be amazing
anglagard is harder to hear
anglagard is the fuzzy guitar tone that fripp used to use
anglagard is better
anglagard is a sweddish band so

Monday, March 10th 2003
Check out http://www.progressiveworld.net/anglagard3.html; this time for a new "Epilog"-review. Thanks to Steph for pointing it out to me.
In other news, Mattias Olsson is going to play some concerts in the US with his other band Pineforest Crunch. If you want to catch them live, you can do so at the following dates: March 11th at CBGB#39;s, New York (9.40 - 10.10), March 15th at Maggie Mae#39;s, Austin (9.00 - 9.40) and March 16th at Spaceland, Los Angeles (12.00 - 12.30).

Monday, March 3rd 2003
The pictures-section has been updated.

Sunday, March 2nd 2003
Check out the guestbook for a new message from Mattias Olsson. Eventually, check out http://www.progressiveworld.net/anglagard2.html for a new "Hybris"-review. Thanks to Umberto for bringing it to my attention.

Friday, February 14th 2003
It always amazes me how Änglagård's music inspires other writers. As pointed out by GJ in his guestbook-entry, http://www.glitzycape.free-online.co.uk features reviews of both studio albums ("Hybris" / both). From the latter one comes my current favourite, which is Rodborth calling them "Sweden's answer to Jesus Christ"

Saturday, February 1st 2003
"Once the land of boring cars, porn, ABBA and suicide, it now seems to have become the European if not worldwide centre of the Progressive movement. Must be the long nights..." Read more on http://www.bathtub-of-adventures.com!
A couple of reviews from Brazil can be found on http://www.soundchaser.com.br/ (i.e. "Epilog" and "Hybris"). I don't know the language of http://anglagard.gen.ms/ (.ms=Montserrat), but it seems to be about Änglagård. The same goes for this homepage, which seems to be connected with the previous one in some way. This homepage contains a Japanese review of "Hybris".
Some old news (or should I say rumors?) about the reunion happen to be on http://www.progreviews.com/news/112001a.html. Finally, there is a review of the '94 Progfest including a few lines about the band at http://www.cvnet.net/cosmic/A_mont24.htm.

Friday, January 24th 2003
Some more linkage! The links-section has been updated with some more or less Änglagård-related links.

Wednesday, January 15th 2003
Some linkage: http://valedictory.chez.tiscali.fr (a nice French site with a page about Änglagård), http://www.deliciousagony.com (mentions the band in the news-section), http://www.geocities.com/danieldust_99 (contains a stellar "Epilog"-review as well as a "Hybris"-review).

Tuesday, January 7th 2003
Just added a Guestbook to the site! Hopefully it works. Anyway, here's a couple of änglagård-related links, one from Japan (http://www.at.wakwak.com/~chipmunk/ANGLAGARD.html) and one from Israel (http://hasharat.co.il/html/article_2360.php).

Thursday, January 2nd 2003
Is there a better way to begin the year with some news from the band!? They've decided to put out the old studio albums on Exergy Music (http://www.exergy-music.se). It look as if a sublabel is going to be started, but nothing is concrete yet. "We will start out with "Hybris" as this is the album we are closest to putting out again...."Epilog" will follow as soon as we have found the prints masters et.c", says Mattias Olsson.
Further, Änglagård have planned to increase rehearsing (poor neighbours...), and two new songs are almost finished in the writing stage. They "are also planning to start experimenting with a track left off "Epilog" for timereasons but this is an experiment and nothing else. There are no plans for its release. Live wise....The band will do one gig in Stockholm prior to Nearfest possibly with another swedish band in the same vein. Otherwise we want to focus on Nearfest and the completion of new material....We would be interested in gigs for the late summer or autumn." (Mattias Olsson, once again)
However, with so many promising news, it is hopefully okay to take the previously mentioned Christmas present offline. After all, over 60 people listened to the old demo within the last two weeks, despite the enormous file size. Not bad, I'd say.

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