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Friday, October 16th 2009
According to Mattias Olsson, Änglagård had a band meeting last night. A meeting regarding the future! I suspect they're planning to build a warrior robot race. But I might be wrong. Anyway, nobody told me that the frequently asked questions were outdated. Well, they're no longer. (Anyone disagreeing better have protection against the robot army's laser guns.)

Wednesday, July 29th 2009
Mattias Olsson posted the following message on Facebook:
"I think we have already released a livealbum that was possibly a bit so-so...Havent heard it in years though. The bands main things on the to-do list is a) making sure the old albums are available b) making new music and finding ways of making this exciting and pleasurable c) if possible recording and releasing new stuff...
"There is a lot of interesting material floating about. The band could easily start recording stuff as we have more or less all the old equipment available...we just need to find a sort of format and framing that will work for the band today.
"Thomas said once (in defense of splitting up the band in 95 (?) that he thought there were enough mediocre albums in the world without our band adding to the pile. If we make a new album it has to be an album we are excited about and we feel is strong and individual.
"We are very slow and very picky. We are snails with increasingly bad eye sight and long memories. We will never wear capes.
// Mattias

End of message
As for the content, I think it sums up the situation perfectly. The tentative date for the Epilog re-release ("with sexy surprises") is Fall 2009. No, I don't know what these surprises are. No, I can't promise delivery until Christmas. No, I don't think it's a good idea to do a fundraiser to buy the snail that is Änglagård new glasses. And by the way, I hope you (yes, you) are somewhat happy with Anglagard.net in its present state. It's not very fancy and some pages haven't been updated in ages. Still, it's pretty enduring and hopefully informative to keep you coming back every now and then (or, if it's your first visit, to help you discover this amazing band.)

Saturday, May 9th 2009
Mattias Olsson posted a blog with some Änglagård-related news a couple of days ago. He wrote: "About two weeks ago Änglagård had a small get together lacerated in Ricard and strong coffee where we listened to some musical Ideas and discussed the future. Why have a progressive rock band. What is relevant in the genre today? If we are supposed to reawaken Frankenstein I think it is important that he has got a new fresh hip haircut and some new dance moves. So in a effort to try to trace back to the bands old inspirations I have been listening to some old prog lately. Trying to avoid the horribleness of ELP and the squeakyness of Rush. A bit of Gentle Giant, some King Crimson around the edges.
"Also..please understand that I don't think/hope/expect the band will be venturing into any sort of electronic pathway or Warpness any time soon. There will not be any boogie woogie on this album either. The new material is very much old school stuff but it has a new harmonic edge. I just want it to have more dimensions and layers. Is that too much to ask?"
So they're alive. And talking to each other. And drinking coffee. Who knows what next? Will they exchange telephone numbers? I will keep you posted.
In terms of non-news, I recently attended a Per Gessle-concert in Germany. After the show I had a little chat with guitarist Christoffer Lundquist about Änglagård. He asked whether there band made any new album. (No, they haven't.) He also remarked that (being a recording studio owner similar to Mattias Olsson) he wants to have a Mellotron someday, one that stays in tune. Now I don't know much about the instrument, but I have the feeling that this is even less likely to happen than a new Änglagård album. We'll see.

Sunday, March 22nd 2009
Anglagard Newsletter 1: The latest re-release of "Hybris" is now available for sale directly from the band over at www.alvarsdotter.com - and it should also be available at selected progressive rock vendours, soon. "Epilog" is supposed to be re-released in a couple of months. This is all the information I have so far.
Update: The content and packaging is the same as the 2003 Exergy edition (5 tracks, digipack).

Tuesday, March 3rd 2009
Things are taking shape: www.anglagardmusic.com...

Friday, February 20th 2009
Remember Hybris? Änglagård's debut? "The Holy Grail of 90s progressive music"? "Terrific, terrific stuff"? "A must-have for just about any fan of prog music"? "Pretty derivative stuff"? The album you always wanted to check out, but couldn't find anywhere for a reasonable price? RRRRRs (recent re-re-release rumors) suggest you may be lucky, soon.

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