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Monday, December 24th 2007
Today is as good as any other day to say that there's nothing new in the Änglagård world. Thanks to everybody who wrote some kind of feedback to me in the past few months; it's appreciated that the interest in the band and its music is still there. Anyway, be nice to each other and smile big!

Friday, August 10th 2007
Thomas Johnson, Phil Mercy and Amy Darby have been visiting Mattias Olsson in Stockholm, where they've recorded some material for the upcoming Thieves' Kitchen album. Anna Holmgren was there, too, contributing to the recordings. Mattias mentions that "she has started some kind of band with Jonas Engdegård from Änglagård" - which is very interesting news to me. Check out Mattias' homepage (or his MySpace blog) for the whole report and some pictures.

Wednesday, May 2nd 2007
Yesterday, I got mail from Thomas Johnson: "I wrote the following mail a late evening back in march, but as I was about to miss my train home I never got around to sending it (I'm just too busy to maintain sanity). I'm really sorry for the delay! [...]
Lately I have been playing regularly my new band Thieves' Kitchen. It a great band to be in; a warm and creative atmosphere, the best of friendship and strange music! We're currently working on an album, which we plan to record this summer. In fact, part of the recordings of keyboards and "?" may be done at Mattias' studio. I was there in January and it is quite a nice museum (as anyone can see on his webpage), but more importantly it is a great place to create rhythm, moods, harmony, beauty, laughter and coffee.
...I also get to work with a dear old friend.
By the way I saw Focus playing in Milton Keynes a few weeks ago - they were just so great! I still have smile on my lips..."

Wednesday, April 11th 2007
Today marks the fifth birthday of Anglagard.net! For this occasion I wanted to get at least a short message from the band, but no luck there. Still, I want to take the opportunity and thank them for the great music and the wonderful concerts they played back in 2003. I also want to thank you for the ongoing support. I'm happy that the counter at the bottom of this page is about to reach the 100,000 mark. I'm even happier that many of you bothered to share their thoughts, pictures, and sounds, and took the time to drop me a line (or more) during those five years. I appreciate it a lot and I'm still amazed how polite, kind, and dedicated you folks are! (Actually, I'm just glad nobody insulted me so far ;-)
The sounds-section is now back online including a couple of files in ogg vorbis format for those who prefer that. The discography and the frequently asked questions have been updated. Last, but certainly not least, the - dare I say nostalgic? - pictures Mick Dillingham sent me have been added to this picture gallery.
Just in time for this anniversairy, I was able to find an affordable copy of Ptolemaic Terrascope with the Änglagård single. If anyone attempts to get one, please note that Vol. 4, N° 4, Spring 1994 (issue number 16) included the Änglagård single, whereas Vol. 4, N° 3, Winter 1993/4 (issue number 15) contained the interview with the band.

Monday, April 2nd 2007
Check out the interviews-section for two interviews from 1993! Mick Dillingham, who did the interview for Ptolemaic Terrascope, provided not only Tord Lindman's original answers, but also another interview from the same time. Together they give you a detailed insight into the early years of the band. Mick also send me some old photos which I'll add soon.

Friday, March 30th 2007
The winner of the raffle (see last updated) has been drawn. Congratulations to Assef Vestin, who's won a copy of Hybris! 73 people have subscribed to the newsletter so far. 48 of them wanted to win an album. 38 wanted to win Hybris; only eight wanted Epilog. Two couldn't decide. Thanks to all subscribers, especially those who took the chance and commented on the band and/or the homepage.
That's all for today, but I'll be back early next week with a special treat: Mick, who did the interview for Ptolemaic Terrascope back in 1993, sent me Tord Lindman's original (handwritten) answers. I'll scan them this weekend and then add them to the site.

Friday, February 23rd 2007
No news, but (finally) a newsletter! So now you won't have to visit this place every other week just to be disappointed by the lack of news. The newsletter is only for important band-related news, so if the band remains is inactive as it is these days, there might actually be no newsletter to be sent out, at all. But let's hope, the sun will shine again.
I updated the links-section and deleted some dead links. I also tried to figure out which mailorder is still carrying any Änglagård releases. Unfortunately, "Buried Alive" is the only album that's still available from several vendors. The vinyl of "Epilog" and video tapes of the "Progfest '94"-sampler might still be out there, as well. Going through the links I came across an interesting interview with Chad Hutchinson (co-organizer of NEARfest) over at Progression Magazine in which he talks about the problems with the release of an Änglagård's live album. I also added a remark from a reader on the translation of some of the lyrics to the Prolog page.
To "celebrate" the newsletter-premiere I'm giving away one Änglagård studio album ("Hybris" or "Epilog", Exergy re-release CD). If you want to be the winner, write something like "I want to win Hybris!" or "I want to win Epilog!" in your "subscribe" email and include your name and country. I will randomly draw one of these on March 30th 2007. I know that some of you already have the albums. It'd be very nice if you didn't participate in the raffle. You're more than welcome to subscribe to the newsletter, of course - just don't add the "I want to win"-part. You get the picture. Some of you are desperately looking for the albums; I'm aware of that. Please play fair and subscribe just once. Again, it's a bit difficult to control for double entries (therefore please include your name). If I discover any of them, I'll be very sad and a bit angry, too. And the respective person will be excluded from the raffle. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen, as we say in Germany. I'll contact the lucky winner via email (who can then decide whether he/she wants his/her name mentioned here). Final note: If I come to suspect that one or more people keep cheating (read: their mails drown my mailbox), I'll cancel the whole thing and think of some other way. But I'm sure you're all reasonable enough so that won't happen.
PS: If someone prefers a mailing list where everyone can chime in and discuss, feel free to create a Yahoogroup or something similar. I simply don't have the energy and time to maintain such a thing on the long run.

Thursday, January 18th 2007
Mattias Olsson wrote: "Deaf, dumb and blind band Änglagård has crawled into the darkest and deepest of Swedish caves. Not replying to any outside pleas of reissues of old albums or releases of newer live stuff. On a personal note I find it very sad and embarrassing that the band isn't even polite or verbal enough to reply to any of these very flattering requests but as I have said on many occasion…If you want to be shot in the foot you might as well do it yourself. For this ignorance I apologize. I would love to see at least the old albums being available instead of them fetching ridiculous prices on ebay. There is a time and place for everything... when it comes to Änglagård that place is dark and the time is never."

Some more from January 6th 2007: "Jonas and Thomas from my old prog band Änglagård who dropped by as they were in the neighbourhood. We shared a couple of bottles of Clairet and had a great time."

So Happy New Year everybody...

PS: Due to some heavy traffic I had to take down some of the bigger sound files, sorry. It's just temporary, though.

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