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Tuesday, November 30th 2004
Has it really been two months since the last update!? Do I repeat myself? Well, yes. Still no news from what used to be the band. But maybe this time it's a good thing. Or would you really want to hear Änglagård singing Christmas carols!? Uh, I guess most of you actually would want to hear that, just to hear anything new from the band.
A while ago, Mattias Olsson posted a short clip from the Stockholm-gig 2003 on his website ("Gånglåt Från Knapptibble"- 17 seconds).
PS: I asume that by now all of you heard of Wobbler - a great band from Norway. Maybe not a substitude for Änglagård, but definitely a good addition to any nordic prog rock collection.

Sunday, September 12th 2004
Has it really been two months since the last update!? Well, no news from the dormant band. The only actual website update I made recently was added a couple of new press links. Meanwhile, Mattias Olsson is ever busy with various (non-Änglagård) projects. Check his homepage for details.

Friday, July 16th 2004
No news. Just a sign that the site still being maintained. Check out the guestbook for a short message from Anna Holmgren. By the way, thanks to everyone who signed it despite the lack of anything new from the band!

Friday, May 28th 2004
This might be old news to some of you, but it actually wasn't to me: Tord Lindman, former singer and guitarist in Änglagård, directed the Anekdoten video clip for "The War Is Over". Thanks to Terry for telling me about that! To use his words: "Tord did a fabulous job; the video is quite psychedelicly inclined. Great song, too."

Sunday, May 16th 2004
Yesterday, Mattias Olsson wrote: "Nope....sorry to disappoint some of you...todays news does not involve anything about a new Änglagård reunion thing. The band is back to it¬īs usual dormant state. I met up with my Drumsfriend for the U.S tour Peo Drangert and he urged me to get the band together...as always I am trying to avoiding the "when hell freezes over" - quotes but I have a hard time seeing the band together anytime soon."
I also received a note with similar content from Thomas Johnson, recently.

Monday, May 3rd 2004
Some news from Mattias Olsson: He's got his own homepage up and running over at http://www.roth-handle.nu where he promotes his studio and keeps a weblog. There is also a huge section about his collection of rather obscure instruments. Finally, there are quite some Änglagård-references there.

Friday, April 2nd 2004
Yesterday's update was indeed just April fools. Änglagård are still on a break. Check out the vintage gallery for six new old pictures from a concert in Oslo in October 1993. Thanks to BÝrge for sharing this historic stuff!

Monday, February 23rd 2004
Finally, an update. No news, though. I've just closed the current poll (click here for the final results - looks like I'm the only "Calling All Stations"-fan out here!). Even though there seems to be a certain demand for it, I won't add a message board to the site for the time being. There are already quite a bunch of places for prog rock discussions online, and over at http://www.exergy-music.se a message board is available, yet seldom used. So please post there or just leave a note in the guestbook of this site.
In case you're looking after the misprint of the "Epilog"-digipak, here are some aspects that are different:
o The colours are brighter
o The names on the title have a white drop shadow
o The colours on the back (i.e. the track list) are inverted
o The print on the cd is pink
I've also made a little comparison scan.
In case you still haven't bought the new digipak-releases, I strongly recommend ordering them from http://www.cdbaby.com, the cutest little record store on the web!
On a side note: I keep getting emails from people asking for promotion material. As I've pointed out in the frequently asked questions, all mail concerning album orders, distribution, promotion and business in general should be sent to Exergy Music (see the link above). I don't reply to such emails, because I'm afraid that people who can't read what I wrote in the FAQ-section won't be able to understand my reply.

Tuesday, January 20th 2004
Herman Permentier chimes in with a year list of 2003 courtesy of Prog-Nose where the Änglagård-concert at the Spirit of 66 is honoured as concert of the year, beating Neal Morse, Peter Gabriel and other prominent names. Hooray!

Saturday, January 10th 2004
" Hi!

I just wanted to drop a line with some info on the band. A couple of weeks back the whole band (as in all six original members) met for the first time since 1995 (I think) for dinner and glögg (hot spicey wine) which was a very pleasant event...listening to some live tapes and checking some of the collected video footage.

Änglagård has had the best year in its "life". With very memorable concerts, meetings and experiences. We have never had this much fun playing together and doing music together. It has never been this easy and relaxed. We would like to thank everyone who showed up at the gigs and who participated in making 2003 a very special year for Änglagård.

Everyone in the band is doing well with their different lines of life and for the timebeing we have no further plans. Thomas will hopefully be finishing his studies in March. Johan is taking his parental leave from work and will be hanging out with his daughter. Anna is probably working and writing music and Jonas is still figuring ways of making music bigger yet smaller in soundquality vs memory space way.

I am currently working with a number of different projects. In a prog vein I have been working with swedish band Brighteye Brison again doing some keyboard treatments for their upcoming second album. The new material in a general way reminiscent of their older stuff but some of it reminds me of England and their album Garden shed. I have also helped out on a concept album concerning time with some ideas and treatments.

This spring I will have three albums coming out on my own and a lot of stuff I have produced. The albums that I am releasing are Nanook of the north (Eskimo concept album), Molesome (my "own" album, electronic and oddness around, mellotrons, drummachines and collages) and my newest project AK-momo. AK-momo is a collaboration between me and video and performance artist AK von Malmborg where we have written and recorded 11 songs in 6 afternoons. All the music is based on the Optigan with vocals, Mellotron and Orchestron being the only overdubs. Sounding pretty scratchy and very special AK-momo is a project that will probably turn some ears. And hopefully no stomachs. All this releases will be available from Exergy music so keep your eyes and ears open.

The Roth Hšndle productions that will be released this spring are....Devi, Vijaya, Clockwork, Helena Karlsson, Celestine, Mattias Eriksson, Anders Nordberg and Akaba. Pineforest Crunch will also be entering the studio to start recordings for our fourth album.

So the future is bright and as always if there is any news on Änglagård keep your eyes posted here...

Have a wonderful 2004!

Best regards,

Mattias Olsson "

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