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Thursday, April 29th 2010
Behold: Epilog is now available over at Alvarsdotter.com! "This edition has a three-fold digipack with beautiful artwork printed in copper with relief. It also includes an additional CD, containing a bonus track "Rösten". Rösten was written in 1993 but recorded in 2008-2009", says the band.

Tuesday, March 23rd 2010
Anna provided some (in my opinion really good) news regarding the Epilog rerelease and the band's future. The reissue of Epilog is scheduled to be out in a month with a bonus CD included. It contains a new recording of an old song from 1992. All original members are participating, including Tord. Check out an excerpt from the acoustic guitar recording session here! (I'll send out a newsletter as soon as the album is available.) Also, Johan, Jonas, Anna and Thomas are rehearsing on regular basis, writing new songs. According to Anna, this is "very exciting!"

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