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Wednesday, December 21st 2005
This is most likely the last update in 2005. Like so many times before, there's nothing new under the sun. It took me some time to figure out that there's an entry for Änglagård over at Wikipedia. Nice.

Tuesday, September 27th 2005
And here it is: Celebration! Since Änglagård were always a bit odd when it came to time signatures and song structures, I decided to celebrate not the 70,000th (as Mattias Olsson suggested) or 100,000th visitor, but the 71,692nd visitor, instead. This visitor happens to be me! So I get all the prizes. ;-) Anyway, for this occasion I asked the band about any news, their breakfast and some random Änglagård-memory. Thomas Johnson was so kind and sent me the following lines:
News: Well, it's not really news, but I probably won't stay in England forever. I have a temporary contract here that cannot be extended beyond July 2008. Then it will be about time to start practicing for the 20 year anniversary tour!
Breakfast: milk, muesli, toast and tea; it sounds as if I'm turning English!
Memory: The most dangerous thing you could possibly have met in the woods of "Roslagen" in the summer of 1992 was Johan Högberg, speeding while listening to Relayer. The battle of "... delirium" seems to have triggered some form of adrenaline shock.

Monday, August 1st 2005
No real news. Still, I talked to Jonas and actually met Mattias last week. Both still remember Änglagård, even though there aren't any activities in that direction currently. Also, Thomas moved over to England; whether it's for the time being or for good, I don't know.

Wednesday, March 23rd 2005
Good news! Mattias Olsson announced on the birth of his second daughter as well as the following news concerning a possible Änglagård-DVD: "Änglagård are looking at putting together a loosely pieced Collage DVD with some interviews, live stuff, never seen before pics and videos and loads of weirdness... if anyone out there has pictures or video footage of the band please please get in touch. No questions asked... We are trying to sort out what actually went through our heads during 91-95 and it looks like we will be needing some help. We are also interested in radio interviews, bootlegs whatever stuff is out there. Me, Tord and Jonas sat down and had a long lunch discussing alternatives and right now it seems like it could be a really interesting project. So... get in touch." (I suggest you check out Mattias' homepage to find various ways to contact him)
Also, he mentioned that "Änglagård has sold out both titles Hybris and Epilog. But don't you worry we are about to put together a new batch of compacts."

Thursday, January 27th 2005
At last, some news from Mattias Olsson! He writes: "Änglagård are investigating ideas for a DVD collecting material from the bands career. Interviews, private footage and weird livestuff. As usual when it comes to Änglagård...Don´t get your hopes up."

Tuesday, January 25th 2005
Happy New Year! No news, but a tiny update of the links-section: Camelot Club from Italy.

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